trip report 11/21-11/28 @ the Catalina

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Escrito por don & brynn from california desde ( el día domingo, 07 de diciembre, 2008 a las 20:47:33 horas :

Hey All....Would have posted sooner, but the puter was in the shop. Flew Alaska out of SF on Friday 11/21.Bummed since they stopped the direct flight to Zihua, so had to go through LA. Wasn't bad this time around.Have been coming down there for the past 12 years. We used to always go in Feb. but the last couple times decided on Nov. and besides the humidity being a little higher, we really enjoy it because of the lack of crowds and the jungle and surrounding areas are still so nice and green. Anyway, flew through customs and got the green light which was nice and within a hour of landing were sipping a cool one at the sunset bar at the Catalina! We had for years stayed at Gloria Maria's bungalow next to what they are now calling the Tides (formerly Villa Del Sol)which we had stayed there many years ago when Helmut ran the place. Anyway first time at the Catalina.......and it won't be the last. Cesar really took care of us. Also met Celso and some of the other staff. Even met Eva (owner) one morning after breakfast........Needless to say the place and the staff there are Awesome and we are booked next year for two weeks.
The first night we decided to do the deed and head to Commercial Mexicano to stock supplies for the week and get that over with so as not to waste the next day on "chores".
Then headed out to our traditional journey to Los Brasero's, had a good meal there with enough left over's that made some fine leftover's for munchies the next day with the cerveza'a on the playa.
This trip involved a lot of just kicking back under the palapa, reading and taking a dip in the ocean occasionally. On trips back to the room, you also have the convienence of dipping in the freshwater pool or lounging there when you feel like it. The view of course is incredible from the infinity pool. Since it was low season there was hardly ever anybody in it. Felt like we had the hotel to ourselves a lot of the time. Heard there was only 14 or 15 rooms booked the week we were there, so it was very nice in that respect.
Really only went into town several times the whole week we were there this time...But we did eat at Pozole alley several times during the week. Check out Ricomar, and tell Lulu that Don and Brynn sent you.........Man......awesome food and prices the way it used to be 10 years ago....An example is one night we ordered 3 tamales, each had a plate of enchilada's I had a couple corona's and my wife and I had 2 aqua minerals and I think some guacamole and the bill came to 97 peso's.....Huh!! Needless to say we were back there a few nights....We did eat at Elvira's next to Patys on the beach below the hotel two nights as the bacon wrapped tuna steak is to die wife had the cocanut prawns one night and they were equally good.
What else..? Went to the B-ball court Sunday night, and not as much going on as in high season, but still some vendors selling the empanada's and grilling some meat for taco's and etc.
I usually fish when I'm done there, but didn't even do that this time. I ran into my old buddy Ed Kunze in an ATM in town one day,(have fished with him and Santiago many times in the past) and there was a Kill tourney going on.Which is really sad to hear, as Ed has championed catch and release for the past 12+ years he has been down there. Fishing wasn't that good the week we were down, so I guess it was a good thing.
Also stopped by the old Rick's and ran into Memo, he was gracious enough to take me on a tour of his new place he is opening..........Its gonna be the happening place once he gets finished. He told me he hoped to have it open in two weeks..Once again catering to the Cruisers, however wait till you see what he has done to the place!!!! Can't wait to get back there next year to see it up and running. It will be first class all the way. I won't say anymore as you will just have to go by and check it out!
There were two cruise ships in the week we were there, however the second one they made anchor out a ways....I wish they would all do that......I heard it was because the KILL sailfish tourey was going on....(can you tell I'm not a fan of Kill Tourneys'?) Anyway it wouldn't be so bad if all of the cruise ships had to anchor out, it was bearable, and they don't tear up the bay when they leave and etc.
The rest of the week, just did the usual, hang out on La Ropa, read, dip in the ocean and relax...Did do some snorkeling one day around the rocks out front.....the water was nice and clear that week.
Also got in on several turtle release's as the Catalina has an active program with the hatching of baby turtles....Several nights we helped with the release of these cute little black tortuga's.......kinda of like our own private nature show, so that was very cool.
Thats about it till next year......See ya in Nov.09

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