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Escrito por don Otto desde ( el día martes, 09 de diciembre, 2008 a las 12:21:44 horas :

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Thanks for the info Laura & Rob.

The lots on the hill are originally numbered 30, 31, 32 and 33. Some of these lots may have been subdivided over time, introducing lot numbers like 34, 35, 31a and b, etc.

The grass part of the hill is the west part of lots 31 and 33.
3 years ago lots 30 and 32 were (and possibly still are) owned by another person (with a french like last name). This person also owns other property in Barra.

At the east of the hill (lagoon level) is an array of smaller lots originally numbered 55 through 72.

The map is from Departemento de Asuntos Agrarios ... (Plano de lotificacion de los terrenos ... de Colonia "Playa Blanca"). (...: unreadable).

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