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Escrito por Idaho Red desde (dsl-189-182-14-33.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 17 de diciembre, 2008 a las 10:52:02 horas :

Time spent in Mazatlan was well worth it. The older part of town is going thru a resurgence as it has been "discovered" by the YUP's. They are busy buying up and restoring turn of the century townhouses, we saw some impressive results. Development north of the marina is mixed, from small condo projects to the huge Vegas style hotel y resorts. Traffic is still intense but manageable, people are still friendly and outgoing. A side benefit to having BB's perro along on this trip has been the reluctance of time-share and beach vendors to approach us directly. That works great for me, I just let her out to the end of her leash where she can greet them with a show of teeth and a low growl. Amazing how quickly they look for another target!

Our stay at Posada la Mision (not recommended for the faint of heart) was punctuated with new travel friends from all over the world. Cannucks a plenty, expats as well, Czech's and Poles too. Many stayed at the same hotel ever year, a real community feel, and live music to boot. The Power Juice restaurant is great for breakfast, same with the Purple Onion. The Fat Fish has a great special for dinners y cervezas. But of course, KR's suggestion for restaurante Las Brujas was the best tip of the stay.

Heading South from Maz we stayed on the libre 15 and enjoyed the drive even with the construction going on in some areas. At Acaponeta we detoured towards the playa and drove thru Tecuala, what a cobblestone dump, no pride in that town at all! Beyond there was Playas Novillero and a nice lunch on the playa. Not a lot going on in this area, one or two hotels, a few beach restaurants, very exposed and windy beach.

Heading back out we took the Cuota 15d until the San Blas turn off and then an amazing drive to the coast (more on that later). Since it was late we took the easy way out for a hotel, setteling on the closest one, OOPs. That lesson has to be re-learned every year it seems. Haste leads to poor results. Hotel Buccaneer was a bust, no agua caliente, noisy with a disco next door, but at least the cucarachas were large enough that the dog had someone to wrestle with.

Just down the street was a great breakfast at Los Lorenzana located in the Hotel Flamingos. Quite a nice looking facility (hotel) and the food was fresh and well prepared, service was great too. San Blas looks like it might be worth a few days to explore, maybe next time through. Great to be back in the jungle with all the birds and butterflies. Mas tarde, Red

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