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Escrito por Cri Cri desde (?) el día martes, 30 de diciembre, 2008 a las 19:46:58 horas :

I flew to Zihuatanejo a couple of times in the early 1950s. The plane used was an old WWII C-47 converted to a passenger plane. The airfield was at the spot where the old road went to Ixtapa, which was a large coconut plantation. We followed the valley, flying very low and just dropped to the landing strip. I usually took the bus. The first time I flew back to Mexico City from Zihuatanejo, the pilot asked us if we wanted to see landmarks in the city... We flew lower and he pointed out the U. of Mexico, etc. We flew around for about 20 minutes before landing. At that time the Acapulco terminal was just a small thatched building.
Cri Cri

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