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Escrito por Idaho Red desde (dsl-189-164-138-10.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 07 de enero, 2009 a las 11:22:27 horas :

In an earlier post I mentioned the fun roads to be found in Nayarit state. After leaving the cuota 15d North of Tepic for the coast (map sez Mex 74) what a surprise to find a freshly paved, winding, twisting, up and down stretch of highway to play on!! Posted to be low speed, we found calm morning traffic allowed a medium to high speed romp with plenty of opportunity to flex the suspension and test the red-line on our old Celica. Grins from ear to ear! Also of note were Mex 76 from Santa Cruz to Tepic; and the coastal highway (#?) from San Blas south to Las Varas.

All of the above are well maintained but rarely used highways off the beaten path, so to speak. The normal cautions apply however; TOPES! ! AQUI! ! are numerous and high, shoulders are non-existant and often appear to be Jungle right up to the edge, creating the feeling of driving in a tunnel through the luscious foliage of native rain forest. Critters are present of course; the burro or horse picket-lined along the way, cattle on the loose, Iguanas on the run, birds too numerous to count. The overall experience is great, but, not for the faint-of-heart!

However, once back on the heavily used highways like Mex 68 from Compostela to PV, above average diligence is needed to survive the crazy local drivers. Tailgating is epidemic, passing on curves or over solid yellow lines is the norm, forcing their way back into a line of cars when the attempted pass is short circuited is common. The Mexicans from Guadalajara and other cuidads inland seem possesed by the need for haste. They are in a big hurry, reminds me of LA rush hour compressed onto a 2 lane rural byway never intended to handle such large numbers of commercial y vacation travelers. Also explains the large number of shrines along side the roadways dedicated to lost sons y daughters.

In total, I find driving through Mexico an acceptable challenge, given enough patience and care the results should be fine. Cuaota roads are nice, if not expensive. More rural highways can offer pleasant surprises and be the gateway to wonderous treasures found along the way. One such sidetrip we located a beautiful swimming hole just a hundred meters off the road, but a world apart in solitude and scenery, with nary a sole to interrupt our morning.

later, Rojo

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