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Escrito por KR desde ( el día miércoles, 07 de enero, 2009 a las 15:13:06 horas :

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Aaaaaaah, Red...... your continuing updates are always something to look forward to!!

But, while Guayabitos is a bit of a MX Disneyland (compared to Chacala!), there are at least a couple of Great Food Stops that will make it WELL Worth a visit. At the FAR south end of the beach/bay is a nice “bird’s eye view” of the general area atop that point (pictured above), as The Main Drag curves up-n-around. It’s a nice spot for afternoon cocktails (surrounded by some pretty delightful jungle overgrowth), and they DO serve some pretty damn good Monterrey arrachera there. It’s called Don Chico’s.

Just directly below Don Chico’s on the beach front is a WONDERFUL BBQ Fish joint called La Peñita!! THAT is a “Must Stop”! REAL friendly owners and radiant staff..... from Veracruz. If you’re lucky, they’ll have fresh catch Dorado that day.... or atun..... sloooooow cooked over an outdoor mesquite grill right off the patio. We devoured a HUGE whole dorado (with a subsequent, BIG ‘doggie bag’ to go!), with more ‘sides’ than the table could hold (!), savory hand-made tortillas (made right there), and a wealth of cerveza Sols (michaladas!) for just about 250 pesos total.....! While I probably would have paid TWICE THAT for quality/quantity we were served, it also is scenic elevated beachfront patio with a charming view of town! It is accesed by car from a dirt road just before the 'up hill' stop to Don Chico's.

Please DO give it a whack, mate..... you WON'T be sorry! In fact, we went BACK for a second-round the following day..... with another BIG doggie bag to enhance the hike down to San Francisco (San Pancho)!

From both of theses view sites you can see all the way to the northern end of the bay, which is where we stayed for a couple of nights. That frontage road (north of your original entry into town) ends in a turn-round which is where there is a somewhat ‘pricy’ (but NICELY appointed) hotel on the beach. ANY hotel on the south side will be Lumpa-Lumpa music ALL NIGHT..... which admittedly does have it’s ‘moments’.... (sometimes!).

Como SIEMPRE, Manejan Con Diós (and a little Rock-n-Roll!).

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