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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-201-110-146-126.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día jueves, 08 de enero, 2009 a las 00:05:13 horas :

Lupita and I were privileged to visit the elementary school in La Soledad de Maciel (La Chole) today to deliver donations from many of you. The major part of the donations were school supplies, but we also delivered children's and baby clothing as well as cash donations. I took lots of photos of the people receiving their "gifts", and I put together a special blog article about the delivery of the school supplies because I thought those of you who donated supplies and money might enjoy seeing where your donations went. You're welcome to make comments on the blog, but they won't appear until I review and approve them at a later time, so please be patient.

I'll post tomorrow with photos of the people receiving cash gifts and baby clothing. You all REALLY made their day!

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