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After leaving the calm of Chacala we could not embrace the chaos of Guayabitos so ended up going around the corner (of the bay) to Los Ayalas. Quiet is the operative word in this pueblo, not even many fireworks or random mortar rounds. Food here seems un-inspired, the normal beach menu but lacking in flavor y spices. Over the hill in Guayabitos the dining has proven to be more entertaining for sure.

Besides KR's recommendations, we found a good resource for a "cook your own" T-bone at Tequilla Willy's on the south end of the beach. Huge steak, with salad y baker for 100 pesos on Sundays. Sunday in Guayabitos is family day with the beach hopping and plenty of business to go around. Not being familiar with what used to be, I can only review the current condition of town. They actually have done a good job of maximizing access to the beach, and enhancing parking, by making most of the streets between the main drag and the beach into cul-e-sacs. With about every third street a pedestrian only mall running the 3 blocks between the main thoroughfare and the water. Sure cuts down on the random cruisers as access is primarily to the hotels y bungalows. Parking could still use some help however, as Sunday was a zoo.

A day trip down the coast to San Pancho was certainly enjoyable, nice little town. Really enjoyed the way they had turned the end of the road/beach access into a small park area. Unfortunately the restaurant we tried at the left of the park, under the palapa, had the worst service I have experienced this winter. Lacking 2 pennies to leave for a tip, I hope the 50centavos coin got the message across! On down the road a bit, we also did a drive thru of Sayulita.

Sayulita struck me as gringolandia, with all the nortenos "doing their own thing" by grouping together and all doing the same thing. An odd occurence I think that is peculiar to middle class Americans, ie: Like all the "bad boys" who had to go out and buy a Harley, or all the "soccer moms" who have to drive an imported SUV 4x4 to hustle the tykes about. In Sayulita there are hundreds of pretty homes nestled on the hillsides, and many of the properties in town showed signs of extensive remodeling. To go along with the growth were plenty of gringo realtors y builders signs touting their services. From the few listings I saw on public display, they are also employing another Americanism, "If you pay way too much, you must be rich and cool". Well, Stupid at least! Looked like SoCal pricing for a Mexican backwater.

The locals we encountered were way busy trying to impress each other; about money, or coolness, or knowing Brittany, or who the hell knows, or cares. If i wanted that kind of daily American BS I'd retire to Phoenix with my brother. So anyhow, a little went a long way. Long enough that we did not feel the need to check out the northern communities on Banderas Bay (Brucerias, etc.). Later this week we will move on to Old Town in PV for several days, and then on down the coast.

Later, Rojo

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