great selection for food in La Barra now!

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We have had a surge of restaurant development in the last couple of years in La Barra. I would say they are all 'local' type restaurants with the exception of a few. Of course we have our unrivaled daytime beach enramada seafood restaurants lining the beach and lagoon (twenty of them serving fresh seafood where you can feast-sleep-swim-feast-sleep-sun all day with your feet in the sand and in the hammocks alongside the tables). These close around 5-6 pm.

Here are the evening selections in the village:

Dona Emi's...folklorically delightful in every way including her storytelling. All cooked over firewood on an adobe chiminea. Simple menu of tacos de pollo, puerco (pork), bistec (beef) barbacoa (beef) on hand made tortillas with fabulous salsas. She is on the middle street on the third block directly across the street from Casa del Encanto. You are in the heart of old village life when you are with Dona Emi!

Sol's... Sol is from DF married a local girl and brought a DF style restaurant here. He serves fajitas, tacos al pastor, great big combination plates, fabulous club sandwiches...even capuchino. You feel like you are in a great local Mexico City restaurant. He is at Don Agustin's house - the two story bright green house diagonally across from the kinder on the second block middle street.

Rosi' personal favorite (well actually they are all favorites and that's the truth but this one is my extra favorite). Painted Mexican pink on the middle of the first block also across from the kinder but closer toward the ocean. Rosi is a fabulous cook...local fare...tacos of the usual plus enchiladas (her enchiladas verdes are my most favorite anywhere!), sopes de pollo yum!! You might get lucky and get Ivan as your waiter. He's one of my little library students - hard working if taciturn waiter. If you get a little 9 yr old waiter who stands there but doesn't speak, that's him. He assumes you already know the menu. Who doesn't in his experience? He thinks it's natural born to already know the evening restaurant menus. He's a real sweetheart so give him a big tip! You'll be able to afford it given you'll be paying $15 pesos for an entree.

Marta's...actually now called Dos Hermanos since her brother's in on it too... Just past Rosi's, Marta serves a wider menu including grilled chicken that I love (very well seasoned!) and fish. Her prices are also locally oriented low prices.

Julio's... Julio is a fine young man, actually an accountant and one of my favorite people. He has opened at the locat1on of Nayito's who is his dad (right next to La Condesa) on the beach with a nighttime restaurant. He is serving a very interesting menu including arrechera (an Argentine cut - excellent) steak, kabobs of roasted veges or shrimp...very nice! Full bar (this is a first for the evenings in La Barra) With this kind of menu and locat1on, he is appropriately priced higher than the local folkloric village restaurants. You could say at more of a tourist level but quite fair.

Mandiles!...OK some of you will recognize that name and yes it is the first of this type to arrive in La Barra having formerly and for many years having been in Ixtapa. I am personally hoping it will be the only of this kind for a long time and I say this even though I do actually truly like the food and it's a pleasure to have the access to the wonderful menu and the service which is so affectionate and high quality. You know my biases for the pristinely native and this is a sign of changing time - change I would prefer at a snails pace. So if this remains the only of this kind, I'll be content.

Having said all that here's the good part...the owner (OK franchise owner)is a native of La Barra! He studied hard and became the accountant for the franchise company of Mandiles. When the Ixtapa owner gave it up, he got it and brought it home. So this is actually a local success story! The locat1on is actually the family home and they are nice people. He is doing a great job with the quality of the menu and the service. Therefore I can wholeheartedly support them (Be warned that the prices are Ixtapa prices and this may be a shock after paying $15 pesos for Rosi's and Dona Emi's tacos and by the way... Rosi's enchiladas are actually better in my opinion). I'd recommend to stay with the menu items that are not available at the more authentic regional restaurants where those kinds of items originate. But do enjoy the tortilla soup and seafood pasta and other very creative and wonderful menu selections - very nice!). I'm not sure about those bucket sized margaritas though...the people at the table next to us where getting louder and louder as they got through those enormous things. Even our new billar stays quiet since the women of the village ran the other billar out of town for being a bad influence on the husbands.

The Roasted chicken guy and the fondo next to him (in the taxi stand building on the during the daytime only. Here you can feast on that succulent tasty roast chicken accompanied by col slaw and green sauce that you have enjoyed all over Mexico (this is what most makes it hard for me to become a vegan!). Hint...he starts in the morning and it's the same chicken so the earlier in the day you get it the more moist it is...late afternoon might get a little dry). At the fondo you can get those wonderful tortas (sandwiches made with a special delicious bread and different selections of filling - chicken, ham, hotdogs, pork, all combined)

All these restaurants are in walking distance inside the village. Plus you can easily in a short taxi ride get to two other restaurants just down the beach at Los Farollones...

Chula Vida...Lisette, I'm sorry I haven't been able to personally get over there yet (I'm famous for never getting in a car lately and barely leaving my street) but many of my guests have raved about this new place especially the tango and salsa dancers! (They sometimes have live music here for dancing!!) On the beach and open day and evening. I do plan to get there soon to try that excellent menu.

Brisa Mar...also on the beach in Los Farollones they are also open in the evenings and daytime. I've long heard good things about their menu as well.

And finally, we at Casa del Encanto still offer our fine dining Candlelight dinners with a 5 course menu all prepared over firewood in our adobe kitchen with chimenea and horno de barro. This is a unique and unforgettable experience in an ambiance surrounded by more than 300 candles and luminarias glittering with white christmas light under the stars and the finest service you'll get anywhere in the Zihua area (if I may so humbly assert!)...incuding the famous Cheo who will follow Chai as the finest waiter in all of this area if he doesn't become president of something after he finishes primary school and the rest of his continued education. If we are lucky, he and Jorgito sometime sing after desert is served.(We need prearrangement and groups of 12-20 personas.

In all we have a fine selection for fabulous dining in La Barra now daytime and evening. Have fun checking them all out!

Hasta pronto,

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