In route to Oaxaca

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Escrito por Lady M in Puerto Escondido desde ( el día sábado, 17 de enero, 2009 a las 00:35:22 horas :

Sometimes your plans have to change.

We arrived at Puerto Escondido about 6:00PM yesterday afternoon. Checked into the first hotel I ever stayed in here. That was when I was on my honeymoon and came here with my husband and parents 20 years ago.

I knew some friends of mine were here for two weeks but I had no idea where they were staying. As we walked the street looking in the shops I thought I remembered a place where Paul, Dennis and Pattie and I had eaten when we were here last year. I went down the stairs and can you believe there were my friends waiting for someone to take their dinner order. I had recommended the restaurant to my brother and he recommended it to our friends. I walked up behind them and asked if I could take their order. As Lynn turned around to tell me I spoke English well, her husband saw it was me. Quite the little reunion. Small world.

We were up early this morning planning to go to Puerto Angel and check out the wonderful beaches there. Laying on the beach and having a drink or two sounded like a good plan to Sidney, Belinda, and I. the plan was to spend the night before heading on to Oaxaca the following morning. After eating breakfast and filling the tank with gas we were stopped by the State Police and told that our trip had to be canceled until tomorrow. Seems as though the teachers have decided to go on strike again. A bridge just outside of Puerto Escondido was their strike zone. No one was allowed to pass there for 12 hours. So.........Manana.

Hard as it was to do we returned to Puerto Escondido, checked into another cute little hotel, put on the old bathing suits and headed for a day at the beach here. While sitting at the oldest restaurant on the beach we met a very interesting gentleman who has been coming to Mexico as long as I have been. Actually a little longer. After talking with him for a little while we discovered he and I knew some of the same people in Zihua as well as both remembering the hours we spent at the Chololo Bar. Same small world.

We had dinner, shopped a little tonight, and had a few drinks. Early morning on to Oaxaca.

I will drive carefully. Thanks KR for the heads up on the visibility and traffic problems. Wish everyone could experience the same things as we do on these little road trips.

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