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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 20 de enero, 2009 a las 12:15:12 horas :

En respuesta a: Back from Guerrero tour, observations and notes escrito por Adlerblick desde ( el día lunes, 19 de enero, 2009 a las 15:15:02 horas :

Sadly, I find much of what you say to be true and well described. I particularly like that turn of a phrase in describing Acapulco...'narco'd to the gills' (gills-fish-ocean. Humor never hurts - intentional or otherwise). What a sad legacy to the beauty of the old Acapulco. In your final section you very correctly imho talk about what is needed and what will happen with the choices taken.-

..."the way forward for the nation requires multi-billion dollar investment into education and developing world-class sanitation and sewage infrastructure. It needs to divert away from the immediate gain of building infrastructure only for tourist-based enterprise and start investing in its own people and communities...."

Absolutely. It's all about education and caring for the nest. The question is begged though, about why things are so NOT inclined in that direction and what might move us onto another path.

Here's what I take exception to in your post: 'intrinsically' not valuing higher education..."!? Hold on Adlerblick and please reflect on your choice of terminology if not your perspective on that one.

I'm afraid that without meaning to be a voice of racism that sentence would have been approved of by the Eugenics Committee. I believe you mean to refer to the love of savoring life at a gentle pace we so love in Mexican culture. But your choice of words causes a spilling over from misunderstanding the root causes of the lack of development of education in Mexico into an area that must be considered if not 'racist' engendering or supportive however unintentionally of racist misconception.

With all due respect, using the term 'intrinsic' linked to 'not valuing higher education' is dangerously wrong and frankly should be corrected. It implies a 'hard wiring in the DNA inferiority explanation' to the lack of higher education development (vis a vis '...lack of valuation = lack of interest = lack of development'). If anything it's the reverse. I venture to say that educators with the highest level of higher learning in the most rigorous and respected temples of higher learning will tell you just that. Correct me if I'm wrong esteemed educators out there who may be reading this from the ramparts of higher education.

My humble intuition - not entirely destroyed by post graduate study at a respected university in the US- tells me it is untrue that there is anything intrinsic in the lack of valuation of learning. The desire to learn has to be killed as if by a blunt object and usually is by bad schools and dire poverty. To say what you did, promotes a dangerous misunderstanding of the causes of the dire truth about the lack of development of the educational system throughout Mexico and other 'developing' countries as well as within 'developed' countries.

I would add in that light that deterioration in the educational systems is an unfortunate direction that has gathered surprising momentum in the US itself in recent years! (Where universities no longer compare so positively to European ones and some university students can't spell or recognize major renowned writers from history or tell you if Columbia has a border with Spain or not)

Interest in higher education has little to do with anything intrinsic and much to do with financial, political and institutional support of schools and teachers. This varies with the forces of power over time periods and governments as we can observe in the US as well as everywhere else on the globe throughout history.

Ultimately it's about the play of love against greed. None of us are immune and if we have originated in an area in a time in history that afforded us the privilege of a quality higher education we are indeed lucky and privileged in that sense. Though we may actually be less happy than another in a less privileged position (as happiness is not guaranteed with higher education by itself) dire poverty and lack of access to education DO contribute to suffering in a downward spiral that 'intrinsically' would suck up the best of any race and culture having the misfortune to find themselves on the wrong end of this dynamically related interplay - in any particular time in history or place on the globe.

Oh I should add...the negative forces of brute domination, intentionally maneuver things toward poverty/lack of educational system and this has been global for some time now and pressing itself upon Mexico for several centuries. And though the holders of power (money and aggressive force unfortunately at this time) have everything to do with machinating this I wouldn't say 'create it' as that implies conscious will and it's probably more like an obsessive compulsive disorder - (hah!) 'intrinsically' present in human nature. That would mean we are all possessing of the potentiality of these impulses and are probably part of the whole thing in more ways than we would feel comfortable seeing (that would include you and me also Adlerblick so in a way, we can foster niceness since we are all in this boat together).

Sad facts which might take us back to that love against greed/fear thing.

Anyway, I appreciate your efforts to bring discussion about paradise as visited in Zihuatanejo area to a deeper level among visitors to this forum. Indeed Zihua and Guerrero and all of Mexico (continuing to all over the place) is suffering the impact of so many difficult forces during this time we are here to witness and impact. I say this even as I understand how it is that many readers find themselves getting pissed off by the way you sometimes express yourself. I believe you mean well;-)

Hasta pronto,

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