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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día jueves, 22 de enero, 2009 a las 10:45:41 horas :

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Oh, I have no doubt about that. One can surmise that Imperad is fully aware of this larger government plan which would motivate any owner of a tourist development company to get in there and be the 'ones' who can profit from much of the construction involved. I personally would take a wild guess that's exactly why they were there. (and why they were trying to obtain much more land that what was at issue in the publicized part - extending to much of the federal zone around the lagoon and even the salt flats on the opposite side of the lagoon- basically much of the area bordering or near the lagoon all involved in the mega-project.) I'm sure they are still at it. We are also informed that they are not the only development company in competition for much of that land.

All these movements are connected to the planned project and will not go unopposed. Between the law protecting mangroves and wetlands and the new declaration of Archeological Zone because of the recent discoveries at La Chole together with endangerment of other protected flora and fauna being documenting over two years by ecologists and biologists from la UAM in DF, the community is armed to legally stop all this and will act in that regard. Besides that aspect, much work has been done on the creation of plans for an alternative development - sustainable and protective of the flora and fauna, owned and operated by the local people - an eco-tourism project. This is what should and must be chosen as the way to develop La Barra in one form or another imho.

(The only correction I meant to make was about the specifics regarding this particular INFONAVIT style thing which I feared was a village move already and now appears to be something else. Still it will be interesting to see...if the participants are not allowed to do their own construction...and the presidente municipal owns casas de materiales and construction companies....huuuumm. We'll see what goes there. Maybe it can be a good thing if it's monitored and if the construction can be done by the people themselves and if the lots are decent sized and the planning is good and sustainable as possible.

Wish they'd let me plan it! (Only half kidding) There never seems to be meetings that allow for such opportunities as participation in the planning aspect. They just arrive and announce. I'd imagine these guys have divvied up all of La Barra already years back. I have to laugh when I read that line about them 'being in talks'. Yeah...talking while paying big bucks for years to all the professionals doing the work in that plano we have a copy of for example. This has been going on since 2001 through several changes of State and Municipal and even Federal government and steady participation of Fonatur. The idea of it being the concept of 'Angel' or only a cruise ship pier by itself is pretty funny.

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