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Escrito por Karen in MI desde ( el día domingo, 25 de enero, 2009 a las 15:09:01 horas :

Just arrived back from 1 week in Troncones. This trip, we traveled with four other adult family members so we rented Casa La Paloma which was perfectly sized for six. I'll have more on our lodging, but I better start with the car rental. Because of the recommendations on this site, we did reserve two cars from Hertz for a much higher price than other companies were offering. On arrival, we were told by Hertz they didn't have any cars to give us and offered one car from Trifty and one from Budget. It was obvious they were trying to honor their reservations but the car we received was dented everywhere with bald tires, broken ignition, and shook so hard at 50kil we thought the hood would fly off!!! After driving through Zihwa we turned around and exchanged it for another (It wasn't much better!). Next time we will not use Hertz at the extra expence!!! For those of you that are a little intimidated by the thought of driving around the area, try it. You do have to use caution with the topes, and we had military check points at almost every town, but all they wanted to know was our nationality and where we were headed.
Casa La Paloma had a great fresh water pool for cooling down and a wonderful rock free beach right in front that turned out perfect for Boggie Boarding. It was wonderful to make a cup of coffee just at daybreak and sit at the little table on the beach to watch the sunrise. We would use the full kitchen for breakfast and then plan our days adventures. If you stay here, DO have Yasi cook dinner at least one evening during your stay. She made us lobster in garlic, shrimp, rice and beans and it was fantastic!!! We also used the outdoor grill for steaks that Gato picked out for us and they were the best steak we've had in Mexico.
Sunday night's music show at the Burro Borracho was very entertaining, and a fun mix of traditional mexican and Break Dancing! Our dinners of the fresh fish and chicken were very good. We had dinner at Il Mare on Tuesday evening at sunset. Gorgeous view (Thanks for the board's suggestion!) and try the Greek Salad. Lots of feta and a mild tastly dressing. Next trip we want to return for Greek Night. We also went to Mi Casa Su Casa in Troncones on Friday for dinner and music. Had fun there singing along, but we did have to ask forgiveness from the other diners.
Other highlights were the snorkling at Ixtapa Island, but keep in mind the food and drinks are pricey and not near as good as other locat1ons. Finding the dead scorpion in our pool (always fun when you have new people with you!). Seeing 2 whales off the beach. Watching the surfers at the point. Having guacomole on the beach at Barra de Potosi. And also, even lunch at Mahagua Palms is worth the trip and sits on a beatiful stretch of beach. Mike, the new manager, has made the place very welcoming.
We have made fifteen trips to the area, and every time we have a hard decision choosing which area to stay. Each one has it's own character and beauty. Next trip we're thinking a week at La Ropa and a week in Barra de Potosi! Can't hardly wait!!!

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