Oro de Petatlán

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The gold vendors across from the church in Petatlán are open every day.

Some gold is mined locally, but I believe you'll find that nowadays most of what is sold there comes from Italy.

According to villagers of the small community called La Morena in the sierra of Petatlán, one of the possible reasons for the years they have been suffering harassment, executions and death threats from the ex-mayor of Petatlán, Rogaciano Alba, with the apparent complicity of municipal, state and federal authorities may have to do with a mine called "El Camalote" located near their community's lands that has deposits of gold, silver and uranium. Villagers halted the mining there years ago because they believed they were being used and abused and that their community was not properly benefitting from their natural resources. These same people have also been trying to protect their forests from deforestation, and they are often called campesinos ecologistas.
El magnate Carlos Slim busca el oro de El Camalote, afirman pobladores

How's that for "significance"?

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