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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día miércoles, 08 de noviembre, 2006 a las 13:39:50 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: From the Horse's Arse escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 08 de noviembre, 2006 a las 10:36:22 horas :

I've been loathe to directly respond to the question of 'If it is true' - hoping to keep this quiet as long as possible. The more it is publicly revealed the quicker we will suffer the descent of real estate speculators of all kinds here in La Barra.

This will obviously hurt the local fisherman community driving prices farther and farther out of reach. We hoped to keep this off this board and quiet in everyway we could as we work to try to find a way to secure a parcel of land through our civil association and for our community. Our plan is to develop a local alternative to the government's design making a kind of Habitat for Humanity project that is ours, that could develop into a kind of reserve and that would allow locals to remain here. You can easily imagine what will happen to the prices as this word gets out. We need help and this works against us.

Sadly though, it appears it's too late now as it has been thoroughly enough discussed on this board now as to remove doubt in enough speculative minds. I knew this was inevitable. I had only hoped we would get lucky and forestall it long enough to make more progress in our own work. Anybody out there want to find us a donation of 2 million usd? Not that much to save La Barra de Potosi and it's ecosystem.

Come by for a visit Rob, and I'll show you the copy of this megaproject that we have had since March. Sadly I have to tell you (now that's it's coming out anyway) this is not gossip. It's all too terribly real. It will bring out strong feelings and there may be surprises and illucidation of differing perspectives among the foreigners around. But the locals see it pretty much clearly as a disaster.

I hope now that those of you who may have felt offended by the passionate antipathy I expressed (without having been able yet to remove resentment that really doesn't help and I regret)- might understand and feel a bit of tolerance. We are trying to come to terms with something very real that promises to end a way of life that we cherish here in la Barra de Potosi. The grief is real.

For this reason, grief for Pichichi blended with my grief and passionate resistance to the threat that will destroy the community that was Pichichi's family and is a family for all of us here. These things are not inseparable and in my opinion I would fail Pichiche and his memory if I did not seek in my best ability to protect the world he loved and that we love - this community of La Barra.

I'm sorry to tell you that the salinas have already been sold. Buy your salt now Rob, planning for the years ahead. Very soon you will only be able to purchase imported salt in one of the 3 Barra de Potosi 5 star hotel boutiques, or in the various boutiques alone the marina providing for the 150 30 ft yaghts and the cruise ships docking within the marina etc.

And for those of you who will be surprised by me taking a stand against this passionately, I can only say that if you spent some time here and knew me and knew on a close personal level this community, I think you would understand and not be so quick to judge and condemn as we struggle to come to terms with the passing of a way of life we so love here. All will be gone for us. Not only Pichiche who has died in peace surrounded by the love of his community, but all of us, the children, the ability of the men to support their families by being fishermen, the connection to the roots in a place through generations,the stories, the integrity of this community will come apart as all will be moved to some other place... dispersed and disconnected from each other. And those places will not be places near where the fishermen can resume fishing.

The entire coastline of the State of Guerrero is involved in this megaproject. This is not a small thing. This is a very big thing.

In my opinion it is a kind of cultural genocide. What will the men and women... these fishermen of La Barra de Potosi do? Most have at best two or three years of formal education. The project in it's hundreds and hundreds of pages refers to this question only once in one small paragraph. "The local population will integrate into the economy of the project..." or something to that effect.

What does that mean? Everyone here knows it's absurd. Everyone knows they will be displaced. Can you imagine someone like Pichiche getting a great job as a waiter serving coctails to foreigners from the cruise ships? There will be no more Pichiches. Perhaps the future generation may have the good fortune to get through high school and get a service sector job. They willhave passed into a totally other cultural relality. One in which they are not owners or elders of a tightknit community with a shared history.

Can you picture them moving from being their own boss in work that carries deep connection to nature and cultural history and owners of their cool and comfortable homes (with such character and personality though they may be poor) to living in some rented room in nearby highway towns commuting to their servant jobs (for the relatively wealthy to very wealthy) mostly foreigners). Where they used to knit their nets in the shade of trees in the street chatting with neighbors they have known all their lives (as children listen to the stories that pass on deeply held cultural values) and walk to the lagoon to fish for their family's dinner in the midst of dawn on the water, they will instead manicure the gardens of people they don't know and must defer to as superiors. Wonderful for them right? Oh Boy! Jobs.

Most here agree they will be far away and brokenhearted struggling to readjust in some Infonavit kind of 'projects' in Mexico City, Tijuana or wherever they may have relatives because they will not be able to bear to stay here and live that.

And for you Keith, we don't know each other but I know from reading your posts through time here that you mean well in your way. You feel passionately about your perspective and mean well. But your anger spills out in attacking when something is triggered. This tells more about projected anger than of any issue ostensibly addressed. I know about that and also share this challenge in my own personality. I know it enough to be realizing that it only obscures the issue and creates a chain of reactions. Among my first reactions to your 'shaming' me of course were included feeling defensive with things to throw at you, feeling shamed with things to throw at myself. I tried to really look at what your point was (and that is the most constructive response I suppose). But in the end I think you are mistaken on this one.

And all that chain of reactions inspired by meanness or shaming is what is truly frivolous and takes out a lot of time and energy though the impulse is to hold onto it for dear life. It has a kind of centrifugal force taking us down a drain of mutual attacking and defending. Better let's leave that out.

My post connecting Pichichi's story with the story of La Barra was profoundly intentional and came from my heart and with the information I bear living here. I could apologize for whatever awkwardness was contained in my delivery (and do). But there is nothing frivolous about it. My taking a stand for the protection of La Barra and bringing light on the soul of that issue is in fact in Pichichi's honor in my view. I'm sorry that it triggered something that felt offensive to you. I hope that you will understand my perspective a bit more.

I do not intend to offend and even less would I ever intend to misuse someone I respected. I call upon you to allow me my grief and my freedom of expression. A little tolerance and patience will support the refining of it. I am worried right now about the future of the way of life here in La Barra de Potosi. This is not some abstact 'political' concept. I hope to have continued luck in avoiding politics.

Further understanding might explain and more than justify in your mind my connecting the two things. They are profoundly, inextricably connected and that is precisely my point. How amazing that on the day of Pichiche's death, the first post bringing this to light would appear! How could I not respond?

I told the story on this board because deep in my heart I wish for there to be feeling for the beauty that will be destroyed - for it not to be overlooked - for it's loss not to be taken lightly. Feeling and understanding might help. I do this because I love this place and this community including Pichiche my neighbor of many years whose stories I will continue to tell. I hope I haven't further inflamed misunderstanding. I should call upon the gods to bestow upon me some of Rizado's brevity... not to mention his levity.

Hasta pronto,

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