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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día jueves, 08 de febrero, 2007 a las 10:04:34 horas :

En respuesta a: Barra de Potosi w/Kids escrito por Suzie from Montana desde (?) el día miércoles, 07 de febrero, 2007 a las 16:18:26 horas :

Hi Suzie,

La Barra has no mercado yet but we do have 5 little Mom and Pop type stores selling various food items.

You can get many things such as bottled water, milk, juice, yoghurt, cereals, eggs, ham, cheese, instant soups (Maruchans), gelatins, snacks galore, some pastas, garlic, certain vegetables - onions, tomatoes, chiles, avocadoes, some fruits like bananas and oranges.

There is also a tortilleria where besides bying tortillas and the wonderful little white breads called bolillos, you can put your order in for meats. They'll bring it for you the next day. The chicken lady comes every Sunday and Thursday morning with fabulous fat chickens (yes already plucked and having moved on to the next life). You can put in an order with her for the best nacatamales I've ever eaten (her daughter-in-law makes them filled with chicken in a green sauce).

There is not much variety in veges and some of the perishable fruits and veges in the stores can run out sometimes. On Saturday, there is a fruit and vege truck that comes by loaded with everything. Besides that, the door to door sellers bring many things like fresh cheese, watermelons and bananas, tamales, and ice cream.

I like to get some things at the market in Zihua we are unable to get here like wine, and a fuller selection of veges on any given day.

You might want to check out the evening taqueria restaurants inside the village... Dona Emi's and Rosi's on both ends of the center street. They sell really delicious food at extremely economical rates... most people are shocked when they receive the bill and assume there must be a mistake. They serve the soft shell tacos, beef and pork, the deep fried chicken tacos with consume, chicken enchiladas in corn tortillas and enchilada Suizas made with a flour tortilla, chicken sopes (my personal favorite). On Thursdays you can get pozole. They serve the fresh fruit waters (or agua de jamaica) plus the usual sodas and beers (Dona Emi doesn't sell beer but you can get one next door and bring it to the table though.)

These restaurants are clean. I eat there and send my guests there all the time and there is no problem with hygiene in the kitchens. They use purified water and purify their lettuce and other veges they may put on these tacos. You can watch them while they cook over firewood. You can feed you family $100 pesos and eat well while enjoying watching the evening life in the village.

Often there are Kermezes in the village in front of the kinder (right across from ROsi's restaurant on the middle street). A kermez is a street fair fund raiser selling food made by local mothers and presenting often a play made by the kindergarten kids. They start at 7 pm usually.
The evening restaurants open at 7 also.

You will be able to buy artisan crafts at a soon-to-open store right in front of the kinder on the corner. You'll also be able to buy Mune's organic shade grown coffee and locally made sea salt there. (you can also get those things now here at Casa del Encanto where we would love for you to stop by and say hello.)

Juani's plan is to sell fresh, hot (and strong!)coffee made over firewood and with a french press and served with locally made Mexican chocolate, whole cream or milk in the early morning. She'll also be selling Layo's unbelievable flan. (He's a local fisherman) This is as good as the best Creme Brulee at the most expensive restaurant I've enjoyed. I think her coffee shop will be serving these things by late March. That will be a good place to find the day's catch of fresh fish being brought in - also in the early morning. Another place for fresh fish is either on the beach itself around 7 am as they come in, or at Dona Emi's house.

OK That ought to keep you eating well. But make room for enjoying the enramada restaurants along the beach serving fresh seafood. They are way too good to miss. By the way, since you have kids, you'll especially enjoy eating in the village in the evenings... a great way for kids to meet and play together. Have a wonderful time!

Hasta pronto,

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