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Escrito por TJ B. desde ( el día jueves, 22 de febrero, 2007 a las 22:10:48 horas :

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I would not go back to Troncones. It was nice...BTDT. Overpriced, from lodging to food in my opinion. There are other places up the coast just as nice, less populated, and about half the price. The people that we rented from were excellent and very nice. We stayed at Raqueros which was on the south end of Troncones. It was right in front of the point. The water was rough and disorganized...well, the mini-bay there had some rough shore break with rounded lava rock. Once you paddled out to the point, it cleaned up some. Hardly no surf at all while we were there and we had no transpo.

We were there about 4 days. The only thing to do is relax, read, eat, and relax. There are several restaurants within walking distance...but again, way overpriced. There are other places in different areas and about half the price.

Befoer you go, understand that it is an American monolopy there. Most foreigners own the hotels, villas, and b&b's so they can drive the prices up. If you dont have your own transpo, then you are pretty much stuck. If youve got the money, stay a night or two, you might like it, dont take my word for it. But Ive been all over Mexico and have never felt as if i werent in Mexico than in Troncones.

And whatever you do, dont go planning on being able to surf all day there. We went in May and the point broke maybe 3 times and only if you had a longboard.

If you have any other questions let me know.

****I hope my post doesnt come off as negative, i think that we enjoyed our time so much in Zih/Ixtapa, Nexpa, and Uruapan on this trip that Troncones just couldnt compare.

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