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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 25 de julio, 2007 a las 16:12:51 horas :

Today about thirty people met with advisors to the mayor as well as the municipal directors of tourism and ecology to present our concerns about a proposed new pier in Zihuatanejo's bay and to express our united opposition to any such project within the bay.

The meeting went very well indeed. Our concerns so far about certain groups or organizations riding shotgun over the larger citizens' group were respected, and the representation and participation was most excellently balanced and representative of the local community. I also made sure that YOUR voices were heard, and I am very pleased to report that they were well received and appreciated by everyone. On behalf of our community, I extend our collective gratitude to you for your participation in this matter as well as for your preference in choosing Zihuatanejo as your vacation destination. You ARE appreciated! =)

After presenting our signed letter in the name of "the townspeople in defense of Zihuatanejo Bay", most of us spoke up and presented our concerns and points of view as members of the community with a common cause but with different experiences to draw from. One of the most compelling arguments on our behalf was actually presented by an advisor to city hall who was born here and who has been a diver all his life, describing the condition of the bay as he has known it and as it is now. I managed to control myself and not ramble too much and made a fairly coherent contribution on several relevant points as well as waving a thick folder in my hands emphasizing ALL OUR LOYAL VISITORS who aren't present but whose voices deserve to be heard and respected. Every head nodded in agreement.

Collectively we simply stressed the point that there should be NO studies to determine the best location for a new pier going on inside Zihuatanejo Bay (as currently there are) because the bay should not even be considered as a possible site for this or any proposed new pier. It should be protected and even nominated as a World Heritage site. Maybe we got a little carried away on that last point, but the idea was to show how much we love our bay. ;~)

An important point that we made was that we intend to be on the side of city hall and hope that city hall is on our side, to which the representatives present wholeheartedly declared they were and that they would meet and work with us to resolve this matter in the best interests of the community AND our visitors.

The mayor's advisor assured us that the mayor prefers that the project not be built in the bay either, but that since it is being promoted by the federal government he cannot simply say "no" without sound and legal justification. I guess I should mention here that a recent local newspaper article suggests that the mayor actively sought this project for our municipality, so there's a bit of discrepancy there.

The director of ecology provided some detail on the current condition of the bay and how the project has gotten this far by technically complying with the laws and regulations that relate to such a project. But my own "animated" presentation made such an impression on him that afterwards he asked me to ask YOU to please send him your experiences with cruise ships in your communities with as much technical detail as possible so that he can be better informed by people who have experienced their problems first hand. So PLEASE, any of you who live or have lived in communities that are ports of call for cruise ships, especially where there have been problems, PLEASE send an e-mail to Florentino Zavala Clímaco at . Both representatives also stressed that your letters DO help and that you should be sending them to the people I listed previously.

We should be having a meeting with the mayor next week, and the citizens' group is going to get together next Tuesday, I believe. I'll post details for locals later.

Once again, here are the people you can contact to voice your concerns, politely and respectfully, please:


Presidente Municipal Lic. Silvano Blanco Deaquino:

TA. Florentino Zavala Clímaco, Dirección de Ecología y Medio Ambiente:

Lic. Salvador Jaimes González, Regiduría de Turismo:

Lic. Guillermo Catalán Martínez, Dirección de Turismo:


C.P. Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo, Gobernador del Estado de Guerrero:

Lic. Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona, Secretaría de Fomento Turístico por el Estado de Guerrero:

Diputado Amador Campos Aburto, Cámara de Diputados del H. Congreso de la Unión (Comisión de Turismo):

Senador Ángel Heladio Aguirre Rivero, Senador de la República (Comisión de Turismo):


Presidente Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, Presidente de la República - contact page in English

SECTUR (Secretaría de Turismo) - contact page for Mexico's Ministry of Tourism

Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) - contact page for Mexico's Ministry of Communications and Transportation

Lic. Angel González Rul Alvidrez, Dirección General de Puertos:

Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT) - contact page for Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Ficha de Atención Ciudadana"; Zihuatanejo is in the "municipio" called José Azueta, and our "Entidad Federativa" is Guerrero)

Spanish is obviously our preferred language but don't be shy about writing in English. In English please try to use simple language without idiomatic expressions or split (2-word) verbs. And please check your spelling so we all look good and so translations are easier. ;~)


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