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Escrito por Narc desde ( el día miércoles, 22 de agosto, 2007 a las 14:00:12 horas :

En respuesta a: One More Reason To Despise Puerto Mío escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 22 de agosto, 2007 a las 11:16:12 horas :

I hope this thread does not turn into a political argument.
But You and I know that anything where the FEDS lay hands on there's corruption, disregard for the well being of the people and the surroundings. I am so glad that Troncones is in hands of private land owners and not a Fideicomiso where the FEDS decide whom to grant rights to own. The federal government has done nothing but exploit our beautiful coastline at any cost. We have Cacapulco with “un-swimming” waters (sort of speak), and now they are trying to do the same with Zihua.

Unfortunately, the local authorities do not posses the virtue to see beyond their eyes, and they think that more is better. I think that we as Zihua’s need to question our next Presidente Municipal about the future of Zihua and hopefully we can elect one who cares about our town and is more capable (intellectually) of making wise decisions. We all know that el PERDERE should be out of the city hall and try something different. We need a mayor who stands up for the people of Zihua. We all know that the Feds will not protect the interest of the people of Zihua, they are protecting their own interests and those of their friends.

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