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Lake Zirahuen is located near Patzcuaro, off the Patzcuaro-Uruapan highway in the hills of Michoacan.
A peaceful fishing lake bordered by fields, the lakeside is an idyllic spot to enjoy cool, country air permeated by the smell of woodsmoke. Thistles grow alongside the road and blackberries are cultivated in the region. On the shore lies the village of Zirahuen, known for its rustic wooden "trojes" - structures traditionally used for grain storage.

Being at a high altitude with a cool climate, Zirahuen is ablaze with colorful flowers much of the year - pink and red geraniums, waxy white calla lilies, delicate begonias, roses and petunias all thrive in the climate.

The shore is spotted with docks for boats - supposedly no motors are allowed, even though there are several small craft sporting them. At the Troje de Ala, a weekend restaurant, is a long, wooden pier that stretches out into the lake waters. The pier is roofed and the pattern of the wooden railing and posts filters the sunlight glinting off the water. Along the pier lies a series of small shops and food outlets, all surrounded by a profusion of blossoms and offering such fare as charales (the tiny, whole, crisp-fried fish which are a speciality of the area), sopes (hand-made tortillas stacked with goodies such as cheese and chicken) and sopa de hongos (mushroom soup).

Crafts of the area include wooden trays, spoons, colorful tablecloths and textiles and wooden toys.

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