Absolute inevitability of development (RE: Laura's worst nightmare)

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Escrito por Brainsurgeon desde (adsl-70-242-7-163.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) el día jueves, 13 de septiembre, 2007 a las 22:24:24 horas :

I wanted to contribute to this thread so I'll just put it here.

One time while flying above Zihua, I told my wife that it was absolutely inevitable that almost the entire Pacific Coastline of Mexico north and south of Zihua would be developed into a series of colonies and resorts for the wealthy. This will happen in our lives. I imagined one day making this same flight and instead of seeing virgin coastline that I would see lights, development and cities.

THe impetus behind development of such a magnificent coastline in an impoverished state is juggernaut-like. Billions will be made and the fabric of Guerrero society will change and advance. It will happen and none of us can stop it. Why? Because if it does happen, many of us in the US and Europe would buy. The demand is there and it is growing in Mexico itself which is gradually increasing its number of wealthy. You can only harness and direct development, you cannot stop it. If you want the coastine and Valentin to remain pristine, buy the land yourself and create trusts, otherwise others will buy it and create condos.

Sad but true. Paradise has been found, it will not remain paradise.

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