Another great day in Mexico-day trip report

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Escrito por Lady M in Zihua desde ( el día domingo, 16 de septiembre, 2007 a las 23:34:44 horas :

After the weather report this morning I went to the Independence Day parade with my Godson's family. I cannot even guess how many kids were in this parade but all public schools in Zihua as well as a couple of the surrounding towns were represented. Fire trucks, ambulances, red cross, military (from national guard type to full armor fighting men), horses dancing to music, and people carrying signs against the building a pier for cruise ships were all in the parade. The parade actually lasted for about an hour and a half. Good sized parade for here. We grabbed a sandwich on the way home.

After the parade and the sandwich Julian, Julio and I went to Las Gatas where we were going to spend the rest of the day. Julian was riding his boogie board while I was taking pictures and visiting with some people there. That is when the calm day at the beach changed.

Julio's brother-in-law invited us go to to Manzanillo beach with him and his family. We called Julio's house. They needed to get ready. They called the other sister and they headed into town. We all met 30 minutes later to go on a picnic and spend the rest of the day at the beach. There were 6 adults and 9 kids all in a boat headed out to a quiet beach. We arrived at the beach and unloaded all the stuff and immediately 7 of the 9 kids hit the water. The two smaller ones had to have help. We explored the beaches and found lots of small amimals in their houses walking around. The kids loved finding them. We snorkled. We swam. We screamed when an eel found its way to the beach. We ate, laughed, napped and in general had a wonderful time.

When we had all done all of the things we set out to do we loaded back up and headed for Las Gatas beach where we unloaded the boat we were in, cleaned it, and then changed for the boat that part of us would take back into town. Kun, Mayte, Maytecita, Sofia, and Daniella live at Las Gatas. When we got back to Zihua Juan was waiting for Gaby and Yvette and Xemina. He could not go with us to the beach.

Julio, Osiria, Julian, Valeria, and Emiliano (along with a cousin, Carlo) came home to our houses and began the task of cleaning up before dinner. That is hard when you are hot and tired and ready for a good nap. Being at the beach and playing all day is a hard business. We did make it home before 8:00 as tonight was the last night of the Novela (Mexican soap opera) that they all wanted to watch.

I took my shower, went to dinner with my godson, Julian, talked to my husband on MSN and now I am ready for bed. Still too excited about my great day to sleep so I think I will go upstairs and watch the stars and listen to the night for a bit. The stars being out may mean no rain tonight. Can never be sure about that though. You all do understand the weather.

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