really the plan supported by the Petatlan Municipality

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 22 de septiembre, 2007 a las 17:14:16 horas :

En respuesta a: scam escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 13 de septiembre, 2007 a las 19:05:11 horas :

Just to let you know amigo, sadly, I just had it confirmed to be by an assessor to the Presidente Municipal (Azdruval)that the plan as shown on this site is in fact the plan the government hopes to bring to reality. They haven't begun it yet as they have not found the percentage of investors necessary to call it a go.

We can hope that that percentage will never be reached. (John Murphy holds one key to that perhaps in his hands as he does or does not promote it for sale effectively). We can also work to insure it cannot be done. This to me is work worth doing.

I think it may actually make a difference if many visitors make their feelings known about these ideas to the 4 addresses I've will soon provide. Maybe you can help me with the addresses for Semarnap and that for the governor. I've go the other two (so we can put them all together in a new post)

Gracias, peace,

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