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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 22 de septiembre, 2007 a las 20:20:05 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: worst nightmare escrito por John Murphy desde ( el día viernes, 21 de septiembre, 2007 a las 19:25:44 horas :

Hi John,

Thanks for your response. Your offer to donate your commission if someone were to buy the land to protect it is a fine offer on your part. This would be the best solution in my opinion.

I recognize that the municipality needs to generate funds, but I don't believe it should be necessary to sacrifice a treasure that important in order to do that. I also know that there are other concepts for economic development - concepts that work from the bottom, not from the top. I personally believe in the importance of scrapping finally the 'trickledown' concept of economic development. It has been shown in enough sad instances around the world to only create a greater and uglier kind of poverty for the poor and a wider separation between the rich and poor. I simply don't buy it.

A different kind of thinking is called for if there is to be a real development for the poor and middle class of Petatlan. Development out of poverty starts from the bottom.

The municipality has the responsibility to find a way to develop the economy of Petatlan without destroying the treasure of physical beauty it holds in it's governing hands. It has the responsibility also to recognize and protect the natural treasure it must steward for all future generations. It is necessary and viable to reach higher.

I also must say, respectfully to you John because I don't doubt your sincere and positive intentions, but I would never for a moment buy the almost condescendingly oversimplified few sentences you've quoted from your developer friends (or clients) as answering the issues of ecological damage in any such development. Sorry but it's impossible.

Any development that takes away the mangroves necessary for construction that adds to the coffers of the municipality in any significant way (as seems to be their point), makes a marina out of an estuary, builds houses on pristine dunes and includes a golf course etc.... sorry but I am not impressed by any number of palapas that might be included.

A plan of development anywhere similar to the one depicted (even with it's bringing to date changes) is very sad and importantly negative from an ecological point of view. I think the ways it will have serious negative impact are little understood (or not admitted) by these developers. We are not talking about ending up with a clean-looking, gated type (the gate is easily invisible) community with nice neat slips in a 'clean' marina - 'non-polluting' as they may like to think it to be. That strikes me as sadly naive or purposefully obfuscating.

We are talking about the loss of dunes and estuary, wildlife habitat, disturbance of migratory patterns endangering more wildlife, it goes on and on and would take many pages to delineate. (That is something the biologists coming to make a study of the area will be happy to do with anyone interested in attending our planned workshops on this topic).

If it goes the way of development, I personally will consider it to be a tragedy. For my part, I won't be impressed however fashionable, clean, high end be the development even with a few faky 'ecotours' thrown in (that will have to show people a hint of what used to be incredible). We must finally take a stand to protect what should most definitely be protected. It's possible to do that with legal action and political support. Buying the land is not necessarily the only way. Zoning and close adherence to federal law can accomplish it. (There are a lot of mangroves and endangered and endemic species in that area).

..."the necessary arrangements not to destroy anything as sacred as nature and its creatures.” ... means to not develop it for a marina and rentable rooms on any kind of level proposed!

I realize the situation is difficult and I appreciate your offering your support with the offer of your commission. Imagine what a pleasure it could be to carry that vision to fruition! Now all we need is to find buyers who possess the heart, intelligence and money to buy it in order to protect it.

Anyone out there...?

By the way, how much are we talking about?

con carino y fe que lo correcto es posible,

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