What weather???

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Escrito por Lady M in Zihua desde (dsl-189-147-11-91.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día jueves, 27 de septiembre, 2007 a las 09:38:52 horas :

78 degrees and very hazy. The sun is up and burning off the haze and leaving fluffy clouds and blue sky. What a morning.

Last night I walked down by the basketball court on my way to Mi Chayito I had this urge for lemon chicken. Not on the menu there but Abel was happy to make it for me. Wonderful meal.

I knew to return to the basketball court after I ate as they were having a celebration of Tourist day. There were several booths set up with young people giving out information for the Universidad Tecnlogica de la Costa Grande de Guerrero. Fancy food made to be checked out. I do not know when the food was sampled but it was after I went home. Dancing and more dancing performed by teenage students. They would perform and then stayed to encourage and cheer for the ones dancing next.

One of the highlights was when the lady who always sells corn and tamales etc. down at the concha joined in and danced with one of the groups. She dances at the drop of a hat and at any competition that is held down there. Do not think she was part of the program but she was applauded just like the students.

Do not know what the day will bring. I am thinking of the beach. Have been too busy painting to get my beach fix in for the past few days.

Am meeting Mary Mendez at 5:00 for margaritas and a tour of the weather station so I will need to be home by then.

Time for breakfast. Good day.

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