Cloudy day

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Escrito por Lady M in Zihua desde ( el día viernes, 28 de septiembre, 2007 a las 09:40:08 horas :

Well, the sun is up but it is behind enough clouds that you can not see it shining yet. 80 degrees and it is hard to tell if these are going to burn off, blow away, hang around, or wow! it might even rain a little. Wouldn't that be great. Just love for it to rain here.

A friend of mine just dropped by and we are going up into the mountains. Do not know exactly what all that will include so a trip report will be in order when I return.
Also hope it does not conflict with my Godson's birthday or I will have to cancel. Becoming 6 is a big thing and I certainly could not miss a party.

Getting a pedicure and manicure at 9:30. This was hard to book as I did not have the correct number for Kathy. Then a friend went to her house and made the appointment for me but when he tried to call me we had no phone service. He just stopped by to give me the information. Networking is fun.

Was going to do some more painting but with a new manicure who knows, I just might blow it off.

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