Weather plus birthday

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Escrito por Lady M in Zihua desde ( el día martes, 02 de octubre, 2007 a las 09:37:57 horas :

80 degrees and the sun is rapidly burning off the haze and what few clouds remain from the night.

Yesterday was my Godson, Julian's 6th birthday. He and I went to Commercial Mexicana to buy him a birthday present. I had brought him something from Alaska but since buying it I had discovered he is a big Power Ranger fan and I decided he needed to have something he really wanted for his birthday. We bought a Power Ranger morfing kit. For those of you who do not know what that is it is not important for the rest of the story.

After eating hamburgers at my house with the family, singing the birthday song, doing the traditional mordida (spelling) of the cake it was time for the present.

After buying the present we bought wrapping paper and Julian helped me wrap the present. That was a big thing with him. Even thought he picked out the present getting to tear off the paper in front of his family is important for him. The size of the box was perfect for what I wanted to do. After he went home to do his homework I got out the other present I brought from home and wrapped it exactly the same as the Power Ranger present. That is when the switch came into play.

When we were finished with the cake I told them all that it was time for the present. Julian's eyes were shining. He was going to act surprised when he opened the present and he was ready. I brought out the present I brought from home and he was not able to tell it was not the Power Ranger present. We all clapped as he began tearing the paper off. When he got to the place he could tell it was a baseball picthing game instead of Power Ranger his face got the strangest look. He was smiling from ear to ear but you could tell his little head was saying "What the heck is this. Not what it is supposed to be. Should I say something? What happened?" After getting pictures of his face and everybody laughing at what happened he got to open the Power Ranger present.

After the night was over I asked him if he could only keep one present which it would be he laughed and told me "Los Dos". He could not decide which thing he liked best. I like best that I have a great Godson.

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