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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-189-147-38-54.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día martes, 02 de octubre, 2007 a las 21:31:33 horas :

The March against the building of a new cruise ship pier was a success, albeit only a small one. Probably only around several hundred to a thousand people turned out. The stifling heat and smothering humidity didn't help our numbers, and five o'clock in the afternoon is still working hours for many people here, but the people who did show up represented diverse sectors of our community and contained hundreds of family members from many of the oldest Zihuatanejo families. So we're pretty sure we can up the numbers for the next March, especially if the weather is a little more comfortable.

Five o'clock in Zihuatanejo usually means closer to six, and that's about the time we finally got moving from the plaza in front of the palacio municipal. All strung out we covered the best part of a kilometer, and the transit police helped us through the heavy traffic in one lane along Avenida Morelos down to Avenida Benito Juarez where we hung a left and marched past the market and all the stores down to Calle Ejido where we took a right and marched through El Centro all the way down to Cinco de Mayo where we again took a left and marched right past the artesans market where allegedly there is much support for the new pier. At Calle Juan N. Álvarez we turned left and gathered around the Plaza Municipal where several people representing different sectors of our larger group gave speeches about the possible and probable negative impacts of the proposed project as well as about how the government once again is trying to impose its will on the people for the benefit of a few, especially some that already could be considered wealthy. Supposedly lots of reporters were covering the event, including one from Televisa, so it will be interesting to see what shows up in the news.

We were already soaking with perspiration before we ever began the March. Along the way a local biker club joined in with us, putting our stickers on their bikes and helmets. Lots of people showed their support along the route, some took photos, but there were a lot of hard faces for sure as we passed the artesans market. We hope to convince them that we aren't against the cruise ships, which they are concerned about.

I took a few photos and lots of other people took much better ones, I'm sure, so if no one posts their photos then I'll get some up later. I'm about bushed for now and still need to get some work done before calling it a day.

¡Viva la Bahía de Zihuatanejo!

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