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The person who came up with the US$70 figure was Mario Hernández Diego, a tour operator who sells the majority of tours to the cruise ship passengers and member of the Comité de Cruceros. I believe he was exaggerating. A recent study co-sponsored by Zihuatanejo showed the average passenger only spent US$60. Most people who own shops here visited by cruise ship passengers would say the real figure is even less. It should be taken into account that in that US$60 average per passenger who visit the port are included the fees they pay aboard the cruise ship for most of the tours. For example, say a bus tour to Ixtapa where they visit a beachfront hotel pool bar and then a few shops in the shopping center (all carefully chosen by the tour operator in return for hefty kickbacks) costs the passenger US$120 aboard the ship while the tour operator's fee is only US$60 for the trip. The cruise line itself is making a hefty portion of the money that is being counted as "spent in port" by the passengers since most take bus tours. And another major portion goes to just a few tour operators. The rest is divided between the rest of the merchants, a very few restaurants (I see more cruise ship employees in restaurants and bars than passengers), and the taxi drivers. If I recall correctly, the average spent by cruise ship employees (between a quarter and a third of whom visit any port) is about half that of the tourists.

Does that answer your question? I've been here a bit longer than 2 weeks. ;~)

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