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Escrito por Pancho y Susana desde ( el día lunes, 15 de octubre, 2007 a las 19:44:56 horas :

Lots has been said about land visitors avoiding Zihua should a cruise ship pier be built. This also applies to visiting yachts which contribute much to the economy of Zihua and surrounding areas.
Zihuatanejo has, for many years, been a favorite destination along the coast of Mexico for private cruising yachts. Us included. Such a pier would obviously impede on the anchorage used by hundreds of yachts during the November to May season and would certainly cause many to avoid Zihuatanejo altogether.

I contacted Sally Erdle, editor of the Caribbean Compass (a tourist paper in the Carib) and asked if they had any info on cruiseship passenger expenditures while on land. She sited a recent report from the acting Minister of Tourism of Grenada showing that passengers on that island spend an average of US$ 12-15 each on a one day visit.

She also refered me to an exhaustive study that was recently completed by a tourism organization in the Caribbean and can be found at
While not exactly comparable to Zihua it does give an interesting message regarding the spending of hotel vs yachties vs cruise ship tourists. Basically it found that in all but one of the eight contries studied yachties outspent cruiseship passengers by a considerable margin.

So, between land tourists and yachting tourists lets hope that our government officials do not kill the geese that are really bringing home the eggs.

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