Barra de Potosi to Petatlan by bus

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From La Barra to Petatlan by bus means catching the pasajera (truck with benches on the back - $10 pesos) for a 15 minute ride to Los Achotes on the highway. Then you get off and walk the 30 meters or so to the highway and get the bus there. It's a second class bus (called La Flecha), costs about 8 pesos and gets you to Petatlan in another 15 minutes or so.

The pasajera runs most frequently earlier like 7-10 am and stops at 5 pm. La Flecha runs every 10 minutes or so from 7 am to 7 pm (or is it 9) then every hour until midnight. It's best to go early because of the heat in Petatlan. Best to do all this kind of adventuring early anyway.

Getting off at the 'Stairs' (first stop past the bridge in Petatlan) you walk up the stairs and keep walking through about 4 blocks in the oldest section of town (I love that walk) and you are in the square where you'll see the church, mercado, restaurants and lots of gold stands. This is a real Mexican town and it's fun to experience it!

hasta pronto,

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