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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 27 de octubre, 2007 a las 09:23:59 horas :

En respuesta a: Ahora es el director de turismo escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 26 de octubre, 2007 a las 23:03:57 horas :

Today on a radio program the municipal director of tourism, Lic. Guillermo Catalan Martinez, criticized me for distributing “bad information that damages the image of our destination” Or rather, for having spoken about the pier project. He even threatened me with taking legal action against me (and against another website). Once again blaming me for having been scaring away tourism.

Obviously it bothers him a lot that my readers find out about matters like the pier, the contamination of the bay, the lack of infrastructure and the over-development among other matters spoken of here. Once again the “responsible authorities” show they are bothered by the information of the messenger instead of attending to the problems that grow and lack their attention year after year. They believe visitors should only read the information given by the government and the tourist agencies. Apparently truthful clarity and access to information bothers them and frightens them.

But I as a Mexican citizen respond that it is well within my right to inform the public, being visitors or residents, of these matters and to express an opinion about the actions of the government. I do it with the intention of distributing useful and reliable information that cannot be found in any other place.

Once again I declare without any reservation that I am convinced that this website, far from scaring away tourism, has been one of the strongest motivators of tourist development during the last 10 years, attracting thousands more visitors than would have come without the information given here. I have data and testimony that clearly shows the positive influence that this website has been, attracting more tourists year after year than the millions of pesos spent on promotion by the municipal government. And nobody pays me for it. I do it with love and altruism for my town, something that seems to be lacking in many of the “responsible authorities”.


J. Robert Whitehead

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