Hotel Cinco Sentidos

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Escrito por Christine in Vermont desde (?) el día miťrcoles, 31 de octubre, 2007 a las 12:43:23 horas :

Hi everyone,

This is a serious question. Last year when we were in Zihua, we walked past a place called Zihua Blue most evenings on our way to town. Once we even stopped in for a cocktailó we were going to eat there, but the scent of sewage ran us out. So the question is this... If I were to book a room at Cinco Sentidos, would I be surrounded by that same pungent odor or might I be contributing to it?

It's pretty hard to commit to $200 a night if there's any chance it could be that stinky! The hill doesn't scare me (it's so good for the backside to walk up hills!) but that odor is frightening.

Thanks for any help.

Christine in Vermont

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