Mune's Organic Songbird Coffee

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 17 de noviembre, 2007 a las 07:22:19 horas :

Just walk down the center of the three streets of the village and when you get to the kindergarden on the right, turn left into a little store. That's Mune's mother's store - Dona Justina. She sells Mune's Coffee. Mune may be with me though. Continue walking down the street another block to Casa del Encanto or ask for the house of Dona Laura. She sells out of my place too.

Enjoy that delicious coffee! (Locally grown -four hours away up in the mountains above Atoyac de Alvarez- organic songbird coffee.

For those who don't know yet, Mune's business is part of a micro-loan/microbusiness project in La Barra called 'Compartamos'. 25 women belong to this group and many have formed their own businesses. This group has a 100% success rate (no defaults, no late payments in almost 4 years of existence). The loan amounts started at $500 pesos and now are up to $30,000 pesos. They maintain a savings account in amounts equal to their loan amounts as part of the program. These are women who didn't even have an ID and now have established bank accounts (checking and saving) positive credit and productive businesses which they own and are developing for their families. Wonderful to watch and a pleasure to support while enjoying the best coffee around!

Mune travels by bus with her son up to choose the coffee herself, brings it home in a big costal. She just purchased an electric grinder so she can offer it whole bean or ground (you needn't worry about anything getting added to the grind - which is why she grinds it herself upon request). She used to grind it by hand in our grinder if someone asked for it to be ground when they purchased. So the electric grinder will be easier on her arm and quicker.

Hasta pronto,

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