Food scoop in la Barra de Potosi for the high season

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día lunes, 19 de noviembre, 2007 a las 17:39:26 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Laura and Mune's delicious coffee in barra escrito por ruth desde ( el día domingo, 18 de noviembre, 2007 a las 20:31:07 horas :

Hello Ruth,

There is so much delicious food available in La Barra, you will be delighted if you love good food!

The enramada restaurants lining the beach and lagoon (some 20 of them) serve fresh seafood. They are known for their quality and economical prices. They all serve an array of seafood and fresh fish prepared in various ways. A couple of them have other offerings on their menus for those who may not prefer fish and seafood... that would be mainly La COndesa and Las Brisas (where you can get chicken dishes, a quite good hamburger and fries, good salads and other things if you are here for a while and just ask them for something special (they'll shop with you in mind for the next day!). The enramadas open around 10 am and generally close with the sunset or sooner. But in fact some stay open later during the high season... often until even 7, 8 or later if they have a crowd. Normally they are daytime restaurants closing around 5-6:30 pm.

For evening eating in the village there are three or four little restaurants that offer delicious traditionally evening fare in teh village (and at village prices- you won't believe how inexpensive!) The tradition is to not eat seafood in the evenings so you'll find tacos (soft shell with fabulous sauces) of beef and pork and chicken (the chicken tacos are the 'flauta' type deep fried sometimes served in consomme), enchiladas, sopes of chicken, also sandwiches (tortas on that great bread). There is another evening restaurant that only opens during the high season that serves many other things like fish and hamburgers and sincronizadas (grilled ham and cheese on flour tortillas with chie en vinagre... ummm!). OK... extra ! I hear the Rosy's )also across from the kinder) will be offering incredible more developend and varying salads this year... in response to all those healthy eaters who miss their veges. They know how to clean the vveges and her kitchen is safe as can be. I know I'll be enjoying them.

For breakfast in case your hotel is not offering breakfast there are two or three choices as well. Visitors are welcome for breakfast (and of course Mune's coffee) at Casa del Encanto (serving fresh squeezed orange juice or fresh fruit smoothy, two kinds of granola, two kinds of yogurt, wonderful pastries from el Buen Gusto, big platters of fresh tropical fruit cut to bite size plus hot dishes special to the region and international (for a fee of $60 pesos pr person). It's nice if we know a day ahead but you can also just show up.

I believe the Juani will be opening her breakfast restaurant this season at the corner of the center of the village across from the kinder. They will serve Mune's coffee and the finest flan anywhere (Layo's incredible homemade flan - how does he do that in his spare time as a fisherman!?) and other pastries.

Our House B&B also offers breakfasts to the public for a fee.

For a very special experience at Casa del Encanto, we also offer our memorable Candlelight Fine Dining Dinners. The dining area is transformed with a unique beauty and ambiance under the stars, covered with flowers and color and lit up with candles and luminarias. The 5 course menu is prepared entirely over firewood in our adobe kitchen including in our adobe oven. This is by advance arrangement and for groups of 10-25. We traditionally enjoy these on Christmas Night and New Year's Eve as well as other times during the season by request (we may at any time have room for extra persons, so don't hesitate to inquire if you are fewer then 10... we might just make the quota with other inquirers). We will be offering at Casa del Encanto, cooking classes with our local excellent cooks - also over firewood in our adobe kitchen (ask me about the details).

This is what we do with the candlelight dinners. Usually there are between 10 and 14 people but we've have often had groups of up to 20-25 people. Once we actually had 35 people and it was great. (I confess I don't often want to have groups quite that big as it's a bit of work).

The menu is a fine dining menu of 5 courses in a range of meat and seafood from Leg of Lamb, fillet mignon, roast duck, often people want a seafood menu. Maybe butterflied prawns on the grill, seared medallones etc. We accompany these main dishes with some incredible salads, Mexican specialities such as Rajas de Chile Poblano and some Noyo specialties like his garlic potato puree and nopal and strongbean salad with queso fresco. The cream soups(oyster or shrimp maybe or might be calabasita and others are served with fresh grated nutmeg and homemade croutons. The Espinaca would be impossible to's not like any other spinach I've ever had (I can rave... I'm not the cook). And the homemade flan with coconut ice cream... I won't even begin... We are serious about these dinners. I haven't advertised them much as there is a limit to what we can do and I try to gage it as we are going along and they have a way of falling into place in a good number.

We usually have somewhere between 5-10 of the Candlelight Dinners in a season here at Casa del Encanto. One intense year we had 15 (I couldn't handle that now I'm afraid). I'm fine with 3 or 4 too. They are really a pleasure for me. Not to mention I get to dress up in my glittery dresses. How else would I get to dress up? (As you know I'm not too prone to leave the house.)

You can also enjoy the fine cooking for evening meals at Casa Frida for smaller groups or 4 or more by reservation at least a day or two in advance.

Beside these offerings, you will find the opportunity to arrange picnic box lunches for Ocean excursions or hikes prepared by excellent cooks in their fabulous local kitchens.

It's enough to seduce the most disciplined dieter - so be prepared to enjoy a hedonist's feast in food!

Hasta pronto y ísalud!,

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