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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 20 de noviembre, 2007 a las 20:43:27 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: We don't need no stinkin' details! escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día martes, 20 de noviembre, 2007 a las 15:12:24 horas :

As far as I know most locals, especially those raised here, appear to agree that the renovation of the pier would be the ideal solution, and is in fact what many of us have been calling for for years. Cleaning up the lagoon is another matter with all kinds of problems of its own. For example, makes no sense to clean it up if it's just going to fill in with more crap within 5 years or less, thanks very much to the tens of thousands of land invaders deforesting the hillsides, filling in ravines with garbage and defecating in the open.

The best plan I've heard about for the lagoon was proposed by ROGAZ. The idea is to have a park as well as areas for the fishermen, with many being relocated from Playa Del Puerto (la playa principal). The most important part of the idea is to recover the lagoon from its current deteriorated state and preserve it. Meaning the fishermen would be very much responsible for the success of the plan. Considering the fishermen just helped clean up over 60 tons of garbage from in and around the lagoon I'd say the possibility of its success is encouraging. The biggest problem comes about when the topic of dredging the lagoon is brought up. The last time someone tried dredging the lagoon they rendered all of the bay's beaches unsafe and unusable for weeks. It would need to be done with a lot more care than I believe anyone is currently willing to spend the resources for.

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