La Soledad de Maciel (La Chole)

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 23 de noviembre, 2007 a las 15:06:44 horas :

Today's newspaper reports that archaeologists from the Instituto Nacional de Arqueología e Historia (INAH) say there are two pyramids at La Chole, one of which they are currently excavating that they say has a height of 15 meters and a base of 1 hectare atop of which are 5 small temples. The INAH says it has known about these constructions since the 1930's but due to lack of economic resources they were not able to work on the site until a little over a month ago. The bad news is their work is only authorized "until December", so they are appealing to the public and private sectors for support to continue their work. They also said that the pyramid known as "Mound B", the one with the 5 small temples on top, also has a sunken terrace that abuts "Mound A" that could be a court for playing the ancient game of pelota. The uncovered top part of "Mound B" could be open to the public by this coming January.

According to the archaeologists, the region has been inhabited continuously for over 3,000 years by different cultures at their respective times. The previous ethnic groups that inhabited the region were the Tepoztecas, Cuitlatecas and the Tomiles.

The urban nucleus is said to be 4 about kilometers square with outlying periferal settlements that may include as far away as 10 kilometers, from el Cerro de Huamilule (the hill at Barra de Potosí) to the community of Cabritero and Río Chiquito or Cerro de la Mira.

Sounds like it may be just what the region needs! =)

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