ATVs are here!

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Escrito por Lauri desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de noviembre, 2007 a las 20:20:20 horas :

Just returned from our visit in Z. Spent three days in Barra de Potosi with Laura--had a wonderful time and highly recommend it to others!

However, Sunday morning we were quietly sitting at La Condesa finishing breakfast and relishing our last few hours in Mexico when several (at least a dozen) ATVs roared down the beach, past the restaurants towards the lagoon. We were stunned--we'd heard of the possibility but did not realize it was already a reality. More stunning to us was our reaction. We were truly offended and embarrassed that all these "gringos" thought it was okay let alone "fun". So disturbing to have our bit of paradise interrupted so rudely.

I'm speechless.....

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