11 day trip report 11/15/07-11/26/07

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I will try to be like the proverbial bathing suit: cover the important things, but not to the point to be boring.
Probably our 10th trip and have always stayed at the Dorado Pacific in Ixtapa. We absolutely love this hotel: Wonderful view and beach, but most importantly "the staff"; Felipe,Ruben,Apolino, Roberto, Jorge, Ceasar, Alejandra,the desk staff. Everybody is so nice and friendly. Everyday, we
pretty much hang out at the beach until the legendary sunset and then off to dinner at a different restaurant. Here is a quick list along with some brief comments.
Day 1. After arriving and hotel check-in, we went across the street in Ixtapa: Enjoyed our Margaritas and Guacamole at El Arbolito and then on to a rather "average" meal at Franks.
Day 2. Very good meal at Capricio's in Z. Good food, live music, and outdoor patio atmosphere. Also made our 1rst trip to the "new" little gift shop next to Coconuts and a treat at the bakery.
Day 3. Bandito's for the BEST Chile Rellenos of my life and then on to our 2nd trip to the gift store next to Coconuts. Purchases this time.
Day 4. Sunday at El Zocolo is a can't miss event for us and then dinner at Daniels for Coconut Shrimp and always margaritas. Excellent. Fortunately, the gift store next to Coconuts was closed.
Day 5. Decided to go upscale to the Villa Del Sol Beach Restaurant for a $158 meal that unfortunately qualified as the worst meal of the trip. So pretentious, and small portions. Inasmuch as we had often dined there before the ownership change and loved it, we were very disappointed. OH Well.S---- Happens.
Day 6. Had a great meal at Emilio's in Ixtapa. Ribs, fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and Margaritas were great.
Spent about 1/3 of what we spent at VDS and the food and service were much better.
Day 7. It was an old favorite, Tamales Any for a traditional Mexican experience. I was very happy with my meal, but mi esposa was disappointd with hers. I think the 45 minute wait after ordering dampened her spirit.
Day 8. Decided to try breakfast at La Casa Cafe on Calle Adelita in Z. Good choice and we will definitely return.
For dinner we returned to an old favorite, Casa Vieja in Z. Ribs, Carnitas, Lime Pie, margaritas and Ricardo. How can you go wrong.
Day 9. Il de Mare in La Madera for a very good dining experience. Great food, service and the view is as good as anyplace in town.
Day 10, Before dinner it was a drink at Coconuts for the guys while the wives visted the gift shop next door. After purchases, we walked along Paseo Pescador and ended up eating at Elvira's. After shopping and a few margaritas, who could complain. Everybody was happy.
Day 11. For our last night, we made a return trip to Emilio's in Ixtapa for Pizza and ribs. Happy campers all.
Day 12 and our last. Hung out at the beach and said our good byes to our wonderful DP staff before leaving for our Alaska Air direct flight back to LA, but on our way to the airport, we had our cab make a quick detour to the little gift shop next to Coconuts...and while the shoppers made their final purchases, the guys had one final margarita.
After checking in at the airport, we had one final Z experience. At the small "restaurant" in the airport, we had what was probably our best meal and margaritas on the whole trip. Chicken Enchaladas Verde and custom margaritas made by a beautiful and vivacious Latina named Gema. Just goes to show you, you never know when you are going to have your best meal and service and it usually doesn't have anything to do with the $$$. We had a great trip and as always, we are looking forward to our next trip south.
jsleagle 11/29/07

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