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Escrito por PAUL desde ( el día martes, 04 de diciembre, 2007 a las 11:43:17 horas :

What a beautiful 2 weeks at the Pacifica Resort with a surprise 10th Wedding Anniv. Dinner at El Faro's for Kathie. Everyone knew but her.
What a surprise when we got to the airport Sat. (Dec 1) to fly back to Chicago on Mexicana. All Click flights in Mexico were cancelled. Because we were early enough, we were able to get on the Aero Mexico flight. The plane was full- people who arrived later, were not able to make their flight back.
Mexico City airport was a mess with all the Click flights cancelled to all the resort cities. The stewardesses were on strike- what a day to call it.
When we got to Chicago, we had to wait about 30 min so a airplane at our gate could be sprayed down for ice. When we got over to the gate, we had to wait before we could turn in so the snow removal equipment could remove the snow and ice so we could pull in the gate.
What a Sat. going from 90 to about 23 degrees. Needless to say, our winter clothes were in our bag dirty from using them flying down- had to much fun to worry about laundry for the way back. At least Monday was a pretty but cold day driving back to Ky.
Will be back the last of Feb for about 12 days- can't wait.

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