Trip Report-Fun in Ixtapa. Day one

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I've been to this area 5 times now and have always been very grateful to the folks who write about their experiences, both good and bad. The following trip report will probably convey absolutely no useful information and following any of this advice or experiences will undoubtedly be the ruin of a perfectly fine vacation. What does not put you to sleep in this writing will obviously send you down the wrong roads.

This trip to Ixtapa started with us staying at the airport Sheridan in Portland. It cost $159 and included coffee, a shuttle to the airport five minutes away and a place to park the car. Cost about the same as long term parking. Sweet! A quick note about PDX airport. After going through security, it is simplet to bypass the 20 or 30 people standing in line at starbucks by taking a right and heading down to Coffee People. Better coffee and no long line. Also, for airport food, Capers Cafe is very, very good. Alaska took off on time and after our obligatory stop in LAX, landed at 4pm in Zihua. Going through customs you push a button and the light will be red or green. Green you go and red they search your luggage. 3 of 6 of us pushed red, so it took a little longer to get through customs. We brought peanut butter, mayo and tuna fish as kitchen staples, although the supermarket across the street had all those items in stock. As usual, we turn left about 200 feet to the ATM machine to get pesos. First timer mistake is to think of the machine asking how much cash you want in dollars. $5,000.00 pesos is approximately $500.00 USD. After that we grabbed a suburban ($58usd) from in front of the airport to drive the twenty five minutes to Ixtapa.
We had rented a condo in the new Bay View Grand, number 1104 North tower online from VRBO. Louis Cardenas, property manager for Best Properties, was there to help us settle in and answer any questions. Super guy.
My Zihua stays have always been awesome but simple places. This place is opulent. 2 large swimming pools, hot tub, workout gym, small bar and grill and computer room. Our room was 2 bdrm, 2 bath with kitchen, 1600 square feet overlooking the ocean and Las Palmar beach. The coconut trees, burmuda grass and palapas trimmed the setting nicely.
The terrace was where we clinked cocktails when the setting sun cast a brilliant display of light throughout the sky. Kel and I marveled at the beauty, the smells and the temperature of this great place.
Hunger set in quickly and we walked to the restaurant section of hotel row Ixtapa, which is virtually across the street from our condo. We settled on a restaurant I'd eaten at before called Momma Norma's and Deborahs. A very good place to dine outside. Kel wanted "authentic" Mexican guacamole & salsa. So we shared some chicken fajitas with fabulously grilled chicken, onions, and peppers with beans and salsa. A glass or two of surprisingly good Chilean white wine and we were ready for the sleep of the gods. Friday left us with the sound of the ocean waves.

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