Trip Report-Fun in Ixtapa. Day Two

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Escrito por steveinpdx desde ( el día jueves, 06 de diciembre, 2007 a las 15:01:51 horas :

First morning in Paradise. Made a pot of coffee and sipped a cup on the terrace while taking in the first rays of sunshine popping over the Sierra Madre Mountains. The humidity is not so bad here; we're acclimating quickly. A slice of toast was all that seemed necessary as we wanted to get beachside as soon as possible.
After a few dips in the pool and my first foray into the ocean, we walked down the beach about a mile and half, passing the other large hotels: Emporio, Dorado, Krystal, the new Bay View Grand Marina that is under construction, etc. We stopped at the Marina after a circuitous route and had some cool refreshments overlooking the water at a restaurant called Beccofinos, an italian restaurant. It had a nice breeze and was about twenty degrees cooler than the sun baked area around the Marina.
Kel spotted a crocodile puttering through the marina water looking like he owned the place. As far as I was concerned, it certainly did. The funny part was that the six foot long croc was very close to a sign that said, "no swimming, crocodiles."
After drinks, we headed out to the hotel row restaurants, planning on watching the UO/UCLA football game at a sports bar called Franks. I met several folks there who are participants in ZihuaRobs website, so we had some positive things to talk about. (not the ducks.) I met Shasta Bob, Jo-Z, Steve from UCLA, Vicky, Bob, Larry, Keith and others who were enjoying very cold beers with limons as well as great tropical drinks. They were very kind to me and didn't
rub in the loss too bad. We agreed to meet the next Saturday and party some more with each other. Great folks!
Back on the terrace, we oohed over another sunset, having a great time with our traveling friends who happened to rent the unit right next door.
Dinner that night was a restaurant just south of the hotel zone. ($3.00 cab ride from BVG. Seems like the cab prices were a pretty constant $1.00 per kilometer). We flat fell in love with Soleiado, from the soft yet colorful interior to the fabulous way we were treated. Not too many visitors the night we were there, so we were able to chat with Francesco, the owner. A Canadian, he had been there about fourteen years. His brand of Canadian/Italian/France cuisine really was first rate. I would recommend reservations during the busy season. tel: 553 21 01.
Kel had the shrimp fettucini with alfredo sauce. A lot of shrimp with a great taste that went well with the Chilean chardonnay she sipped.
I stayed with a chicken breast wrapped with feta, cilantro and sauces. Very nice, but I was longing over Kel's dish. Fortunately for me, she's not a big eater and was willing to share.
Got back to our place in time for a nightcap and some impressive beach fireworks. Might've been a wedding or other celebration but the display was loud and beautiful. The secret to our first 24 hours in Ixtapa was the way we slathered spf 30 onto ourselves. Past history has not been kind to us Northwesterners in regard to skin care. This time, we are ready. Time to turn in because tomorrow....we ride.

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