Trip Report-Fun in Ixtapa. Day Three

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Escrito por steveinpdx desde ( el día sábado, 08 de diciembre, 2007 a las 16:09:20 horas :

Theeee best thing I like about coming down to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa is the warmth of the ocean water. It is reason one, two and three for going there. With food being reasons four, five and six. That being said, Monday began with rising early at the Bay View Grand. Walking through the immaculate grounds is a joy unto itself. Especially seeing the hibiscus and other beautiful blooms. I never tire from the early morning temperature, with its hint of future heat and mild humidity. Walked the La Palmar beach for a bit, coffee in hand. Many Mexicans were vacationing at the same time so I was able to habla a bit to improve my spanish.

After a quick workout in the state-of-the-art gymnasium, my buddy and I walked over to Ola Rentals to rent some scooters. They are located behind Centro Commercial Los Patios, immediately across the street from the Bay View Grand.
Our mission for the day was to ride these scooters to Troncones and La Saladita to do some body surfing. We meet the owner of Ola Rentals, Rene, and negotiate two 100cc Yamaha scooters for $70usd,each, for the day. Good price/bad price
I don't know, but it's worth it to us.

These are some of the finest, most beautiful beaches on the planet. The shear beauty of gazing over 6,000 miles of gorgeous blue water, blue skies, coconut trees and sand lying below the ruggedness of the verdi colored Sierra Madre mountains is so stunning it requires a bit of time to take it all in. That is the reason I go to Mexico right there. The moment I set foot on Troncones beach.

Driving Highway 200 Northbound can be a little treacherous because we are on small bikes, but the traffic is very kind when passing. It is located about 28 kilometers north of Ixtapa.

We pull into Costa Brava, a quarter mile to the right once you've hit the end of the road to the beach at Troncones. It's just after the bridge. We park the bikes there, have a shot of tequila, and wade into the ocean. Great waves for body surfing; three to five feet high and on time like a German train. After a while, we ate at the Costa Brava. Lunch was chicken tortillas with all the Mexican trimmings. Excellent. The owner made the tortillas right then so don't be in a big hurry to eat. Actually, don't be in a hurry anywhere you eat in Ixtapa.

Next up. The beach at La Saladita. Riding ten kilometers further north on Hwy 200, a small sign directs you to Saladita. Don't take that road. Keep going and take the next left, going through a small village. This rutted, dirt road (excellent for a scooter) takes us to the most beautiful stretch of beach I've seen. Dazzling azure skies and warm water converged to please all the senses. When "tropical vacation" is mentioned in conversation, this beach is what is pictured in my mind.
The waves were gone. My buddy said God turned off the wave machine. But the clear, warm water and stunning coastline was still fabulous to experience. We checked out a couple more spots, had some great conversation with some fine local people and headed back to Ixtapa.

Got back to the Bay View Grand in time to take a dip in the pool, order a beer from the bar ($1.50 usd) and settled in a beach chair and contemplated all I had to be thankful for as I gazed through coconut trees to the surf, sand and setting sun on Playa La Palmar.

Kel had done hard beach duty herself and was as famished as I, so we rolled over to the restaurant district and checked out 4 or 5 places. They were all awesome but we went back to Momma Normas and Deborahs. Just seemed what we needed. The temperature was perfect for outside dining. I had several very cold beers with limon and Kel had an excellent chardonnay. She order the shrimp with pasta alfredo. Me, I'm a chicken fajita guy. Get to make it myself, so to speak, with great ingredients. Very tasty.
The waiter, Ino, and owner, Deborah, were so much fun to talk with. We would return to eat again. This place is great!

Evening ends with a hot tub with our friends and more libations. What a wonderful end to a wonder Ixtapa day.

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