Trip Report-Fun in Ixtapa. Day Four

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Escrito por steveinpdx desde ( el día lunes, 10 de diciembre, 2007 a las 11:36:20 horas :

Sipping cofffee on our terrace again, watching the surf break. The Mexican coffee I'm drinking is very good. Two local people are casting their nets into the surf; not with any luck that I can see. Tourists slow and gawk at the fishermen.
The blue water and sky are just dazzling. Today is a great day to do.........nothing.

Ixtapa is not a large community and you can tell it has an "artificial" beginning, such as Las Vegas or Cancun. It's hotel row crowds the beach and dominates the skyline with ten to fifteen story structures. The new condos and hotels offer a richer architecture and many more amenities but all have pools and most have restaurants attached to them.

What is so special about this piece of real estate is the beach. Trimmed with coconut trees, fine sand mountains that look prehistoric, the waves here are a bodysurfers' dream. The warm water is a good five to seven degrees hotter than McKenna beach south of Kihea in Maui. Now I'm speaking just about surfing the waves. You catch a great wave correctly and it will drop you down a good five feet and swoosh you forward like being g-forced. However, catch it too soon and the wave will cartwheel you like the spin cycle of a clothes washer. Of all the beaches around Ixtapa, the best, consistently, has been the ones in front of our condo. Actually the waves in front of the Krystal offer the largest waves on this one mile stretch of paradise.

Note: Stingrays have been thick as flies in the surf the last three days. I've never seen them before here and at first was concerned. They're small, about two feet wide, but after Steve Irwin, we paid them a lot of respect. Learned the stingray shuffle. They played in the surf just as we did and several times had some near miss collisions. After about four days, they were gone.

Back on the terrace after a workout in the awesome gym they have here. As good equimpment as you'll find anywhere. Sipped some coffee and looking at a manta ray gliding past a couple of people in the surf. The azure waters are so crystal clear, we can follow the manta from 100 yards away and eleven stories up. Wow!

The rest of the day was spent under the coconut trees overlooking the ocean. We read our paperbacks, applied spf 30, ordered beers and mai tais from the bar, and did a little more body surfing.

One of the group had never been parasailing, and because of his dislike of heights, was a prime candidate for his first trip. He had a couple shots of courage and decided to take the plunge, er, so to speak.
The boys on the beach had him cinched tight to the sail and off he went, praying, yelling, cursing and generally having a great time. As he was landing some ten minutes later, there was a mixup in his instructions and the boat had to rev up and take him for another trip around the beach. Since I comped his trip the guy wanted me to pay for two times the price, but I was doubled over in laughter and had no additional pesos on me. Still laughing I watched him sail in to a smooth beach landing. The original parasail price was 200 pesos and I told the guy to get any more from our buddy, who did pay additonal. A good time was had by all.
We stayed in and ate sandwiches and drank beers and wine and laughed on the terrace and in the hot tub. The heat from the day vainly trying to stay with us, but quickly turning into another t-shirt Ixtapa night.
It's easy to say a prayer hear, being grateful for having the luxury of experiencing this special slice of life.

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