Trip Report-Fun in Ixtapa. Day Six

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Escrito por steveinpdx desde ( el día miércoles, 12 de diciembre, 2007 a las 21:32:47 horas :

Finished a book. Sitting on the terrace this morning, drinking in the morning ocean smells as well as this strong Mexican coffee (Gawd, what great coffee!). I'm leaning forward on the last forty pages of this Clive Cussler novel, like it will help me turn the pages quicker. I notice I never have the urge to lay back and read in Dallas or Denver. Only in chaise lounge places like Akumal, Maui, or here in Paradise.

Kel and I both finished our books about the same time so we walked down the beach to have breakfast at the Dorado. They make an excellent spinach and queso omelet with too much hash browns and toast. I've decided I'm hooked on the orange juice here. Not too sweet. Very fresh. Kel had pancakes and said they were just okay. She is still searching for the perfect pancake. I doubt her perfect dish even exists, but I humor her in the search.

After breakfast we visit poolside with the Dorado Clan. This is a group of between 20 and 30 people who come down to stay at the Dorado for one to two weeks every year. In fact, they all met here at the Dorado and that's how they all know each other. How excellent is that. It appears Chris is the ringleader, but everybody is involved in keeping everyone together. I've met many people including Shasta Bob & Jo and Vicky and Larry, Bob, UCLA Steve, Robert, Bobbie, Roberto, Rob and many others who genuinely are out there every day having the times of their lives. Very enjoyable folks to chat with.

Our mission today is snorkling on Isla Ixtapa, so headed into a couple cabs and went to the pier (Playa Linda, I think) and took the small boat over to the island. Cost is 35 pesos to get you there and back.

The first time we went there we got detoured by not knowing anything and ended up not where we wanted to be, overpaying for drinks we didn't want and sitting where we didn't want to sit. Aaaaah experience. It certainly does pay.
We marched through the first restaurants with folks inviting us to areas we didn't want to go and traipsed to the other side of the island to the sheltered coral on the east side of Isla Ixtapa. There we sat at the orange palapas and tables, having beers in ice buckets. Life certainly is a Corona commercial here.

Snorkel equipment can be rented for $12usd and the numbers and color of the fish is impressive. The water is nice and warm and the fish all but domestic as they dart right up to your faceplate with their yellows and reds and silver colors abounding. Quite an experience.

We returned via the creaky old boat with the fifteen other passengers to Playa Linda where merchants were hawking Mexican merchandise; some treasures, some not. Off to the right where the buses load and unload there is a platform where you can see a dozen or so ten to fifteen foot long crocodiles. Amazing. I think they're penned in but not too sure. In America if you get bit by a crocodile it is somebody else's fault. In Mexico, if you get bit, it is your fault. Something symmetrical about that.

Off to Franks Italian restaurant with our buddies. The place was packed with Americans and Mexicans watching NFL football. Kel, once again, ordered shrimp pasta with alfredo sauce. That is more than I've ever seen her order in the states. Must be the shrimp. Me, Pizza. Pepperoni and mushroom. Sometimes the basics are basic enough for me. It was excellent with thin crust and wood oven baked. We all drank and cajoled and partied into the night. Must've been one of those vacation party moods. The waves that swept me to sleep that night were the perfect backdrop for our vacation.

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