Re: right and wrong

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Escrito por Vancouvertony desde ( el día viernes, 14 de diciembre, 2007 a las 23:11:45 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: right and wrong escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día viernes, 14 de diciembre, 2007 a las 22:42:50 horas :

Phil you said" MAY be sanctioning and supporting employing pawns for nefarious gains...."

Are you suggesting because these children leading the life they have to endure they are going to turn out to be criminals?

Phil,you help the squeeky clean kids whose parents work all the time and enjoy.Me I prefer to help the less fortunate even if they may have snotty noses.Why would I do this?Simple.I was a Big Brother in TO for several years and when I went on vacation my little brother had no-one.I saw the look on his face each time I said goodbye.Hopefully these children will always have a memory of how those Gringos built a school when the local residents wouldn't help.

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