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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día sábado, 15 de diciembre, 2007 a las 10:35:19 horas :

En respuesta a: Is it Safe? escrito por Zmon desde ( el día sábado, 15 de diciembre, 2007 a las 01:27:25 horas :

What areas are you talking about? The illegal settlements aka colonias irregulares? There are no roads in many of them, only footpaths on hillsides, although the water main for Zihuatanejo was broken recently when the city was making a road to one of these settlements (never mind that they apparently broke the law to do so) and we were without water for several days.

I couldn't tell you which areas are safe. Some are undoubtedly safer than others. Nevertheless, it is hardly a coincidence that a great percentage of criminals here have been traced to one of these colonias irregulares called "Vicente Guerrero - part alta", which just happens to be where another school supported mostly by foreigners is located.

You also pass several of them on the way from the airport as you pass Agua de Correa and enter Zihuatanejo. But what you can't see by looking at any of them is the hanky panky behind the scenes. You don't see that the occupant of a shack on one parcel of land is off claiming another parcel of land and building a shack on it as well. You don't see the haggling between the "leaders" (aka instigators) of the illegal settlements with members of the city government or the land trust and development agency FIBAZI deciding which colonia irregular to regularize and which one to placate and which one to run off altogether because they represent the wrong political party or leader.

But the kicker is that the majority of locals are dead set against allowing any settlements of any kind above the "cota 70" (70-meter mark) on the hillsides, and we certainly didn't vote on, approve or authorize our city government to change the ecological protection laws or change the zoning to allow these illegal settlements to remain where they are. But the city changed the "cota 70" to a much higher number, though we aren't actually sure what the limit is because we see new settlements completely covering hillsides now, apparently more than double the previous height. The "cota 70" was the previous height limit on the hillsides where the law allowed constructions because it had been calculated that the cost of providing city water and drainage services above that height would be prohibitively costly, which it is proving to be! The "cota 70" also provided us with what we happily believed to be a guarantee to safeguard our ecological beauty (i.e. green forested hillsides) for future generations and preserve one of our main tourist attractions. We knew because of our hillsides and limited space that Zihuatanejo shouldn't grow vertically but only horizontally. Yet the political parties tossed all scruples and sanity to the wind and began fomenting land invasions on the hillsides, particularly by the PRD (the current ruling party in Guerrero), and for years our "responsible authorities" have hemmed and hawed and given endless excuses why they don't simply apply the law and remove the squatters.

So sure, by all means take a tour of our shanty communities. You really can't hardly tell the illegal communities apart from the legal ones due to our completely unplanned and chaotic urban growth. But go for it. Grab a few pics.

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