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Escrito por Lisa Martin desde ( el día sábado, 15 de diciembre, 2007 a las 12:57:07 horas :

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The Netza School - Get the facts.

Since I have been told of all the chatter of late about The Netza School (initiated by a positive news story in my home state of Washington), I will post as short a reply as possible for those who care to get their facts from real people, and reliable organizations, and not from rumors, message boards and local Mexico newspapers (which will print just about anything for a small "fee").

We have hundreds of caring dedicated long time supporters of education in the community, including SailFest (going on 7 or 8 years now), Rotary International (a globally credible organization), The Netza Project (a US-Mexico non-profit that I and others founded 2 years ago after many years of local work), the Library Project at Barra de Potosi, schools and a library being helped out in Troncones, Ninos Adelante, and many others. All doing great and much needed work with informed, intelligent, (not naive), international and LOCAL supporters in partnership with local parents and educators trying to improve lives and education.

I suggest anyone really concerned about international support of local education, students and causes write directly to us (managers of these organizations), read our websites, including and for info, speak to real people with a hands-on long term history of personal involvement in international giving in Zihua, and get the facts.

This is the only post I will make.

Lisa Martin

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