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Escrito por Craig Scheiner desde ( el día domingo, 16 de diciembre, 2007 a las 02:05:00 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Charitible school funding facts escrito por Lisa Martin desde ( el día sábado, 15 de diciembre, 2007 a las 17:11:23 horas :

Just to come out into the open so to say, that is to inform others who know my posts as to my participation in this issue; I have supported Ninos Adelante in the past, with my wife who is a reporter, by covering Ninos Adelante events in Zihua, and photographing them, for positive coverage in US publications. I met some of these families and children, and I must confess I don't much care how their parents came by the land they are living on. I am proud to have had a small part in helping them out of the cycle of poverty.

Additionally, we produced a fund raising video at no charge for Rotary International promoting the good works of Project Amigo in the area around Colima and Cofradia. Rotary's purpose is to provide education to the children of the underprivileged in that area, much the same as Ninos Adelante's purpose in the Zihua area.

To date, about 2000 copies of our video have been distributed around the US raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Project Amigo. I am very proud we charged not a cent to produce this video for Rotary. I am also proud of my contribution to the families whose children received, and will receive, an education allowing them to rise up from the poverty cycle that is the normal living situation for them. I hope our positive coverage of Ninos Adelante in Zihua resulted in additional funding for the poverty stricken children of Zihuatanejo, regardless of where their parents chose to live.

I personally experienced the living situations of these impoverished people. I personally talked with them and visited with them in their homes. I videod fathers and grandfathers who had cut cane their entire lives for a subsistance living. I spent time with them in the fields as they hacked away at the only work they could get; filthy work, cutting burned cane, for below poverty wages. These are families where electricity means extreme wealth. Just one family in the entire village had a gas stove. They live in homes where dirt floors and stick walls are the norm. They all have a TV, their only luxury, and none of them have any furniture other that a few plastic chairs and a table. The only water source is at the community laundry tables. None can read or write. They don't even have toilet paper. Deodorant and sanitary napkins are unknowns at this level of existence. I know, because I was there with them.

They all welcomed us as honored and respected guests in their modest homes. We bought Coke and soap and perfume and gave these thing to them as gifts as we left. None had ever had the means to buy these things before. I showed them videos of themselves on the flip out screen on my camera. None had ever seen pictures of themselves before. they were utterly amazed.

I'm sorry the squatters in Zihua cause pollution for those living downstream. I'm sorry the squatters can't afford computers and an internet connection so there stories can be heard here. I'm sorry the canal by the museum stinks and bothers me when I fly down for a week or two on the beach. I'm sorry the squatters don't have the basics of life and because of that those with much more must suffer.


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