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To start out with- they have not finished the gym. I think they are trying to get other areas fixed first. There at the Sands Pool, they had put in a small kitchen with grill & were fixing a bar next to the Sands reception at the pool- also wireless is available at the older Aqua unit,Sands Reception & the original Reception. I had been told it was available at Aqua and it was in the first building but not the other.Last year had gotten a Cingular card and it cost to much to use(learned the hard way)- this time got a regular card and was able to use any where one did not have to log on to an account.
The beach restaurant is finished and has been fixed with
different levels with a temporary stage built on the beach side with the back of stage to the water.
We have 2 weeks at the Aqua Section. 1st week stayed in the first unit on 2nd floor & 2 week were in the new building on the top floor called pent house. What a difference in the 2 units. The living area was totally outside with the small infinity pool at the end of the unit(new unit). In March we have one of the penthouse's and in Oct we have the other one. They were finishing up the road down to the top floor of the building toward the gondola.
All ready looking forward to Feb/March & will rent a car and take the toll road to Potzsquaro(not sure of the spelling). We are flying in on Wed and fell in love with the town when we were there in April of last year. The owner of ChaChaCha told us about some private B&B's.
I guess some would say the purchase of a timeshare at Pacifica is expensive, but when one figures what they get for a week- the Aqua would run $300 to $400 a night some place else. The morning coffee and rolls fresh from the bakery at El Faro's really hit the spot. Because of the rolls, we would miss breakfast when we were by our selves and order snacks & drinks at the beach or at the Sands Infinity Pool.

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